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Title: My Rockstar Bestfriend
Author name: Brooke M.
Story description: Axel and Isabella have been friends since birth their moms were high school friends and as they grew up Axel said he was going to be a rockstar and with Isabella’s help with a TubeU channel he was discovered and put on tour at 13 and when he came back high school was almost over and toured again after finding two new people to be in his band, Isabella goes on tour with him and becomes his social media helper and she develops feelings for him but will their love get a chance?
Background: I would like them in a recording studio and Isabella and delilah watching from the other side dancing or being in total awe of the band. band name is “No Rest For Zombies” Also the tattoos are important. but outfits may change.
Characters: full description (screenshot is optinal)

Axel. lead singer/ guitar player


Drummer Brandon

Gaberal Base player.

Extra details: I need it as soon as I can get it. thank you so much!


Ur asking for a cover right?


yes sorry
forgot to say cover :smiley:


I might so sure, finish it. :+1:t5:


Hello, Are requests currently opened?




If you mean drawn art, then no. I only do commissioned now.
I do only edited for free.


How much are the commissions?


If you are interested DM me.


Is this an edited request


yes @Jordan3


I was wondering if anyone has started my art scene as it’s been over a month.


Can you do looping backgrounds?


no. u can make overlays to do it tho. but it’s complicated and time consuming




Colors: Nothing changed in this part.

Any other important information


I need that background turned into a night background.

When do I need it done: One week from now. If you need longer time just let me know.


Hi, I actually got this cover done from @fcukforcookies

I was wondering if anyone would be able to resize it so that I can use it as a background, for intro.

If it’s not possible, is anyone available to do a new one for me?

Also, does anyone know how to do an animation for the title? I want the title to like fade in.

Thank you,


I can’t make the title fade in but I can make it bigger for you


I’ll do it


Is this ok?