Happy Helpers 2.0 - All Types of Requests


Is this ok?



Perfect! Thank you!






Send character details. Screenshot is enough if you screenshoted them in the pose u want on the cover.


Thank you so much!!! :grinning:


Hey hun srry I didn’t have time to send it to you before


Your good! Thank you very much! It looks great!


I need an overlay, please.
If you have an exact picture, send it. N/A
If you don’t, describe it, as specific as you can. If, for example, it is a car - how angled should it be.
If you could make a black grenade, please. I need it to look as realistic as possible, if you could.


@Skyler23 I found this tell me if it’s okay or not


That works, thanks! :grin:



Hey, can I ask for two more splashes? I have character shout-outs for both stories and it would be easier to put them on splashes. You can use the same backgrounds that you used for both splashes you made me. I’ll send you the information once you reply back.


Yeah it would but it’ll just take longer bc I have 9 or more requests that I have to finish too…but I’ll do yours if your okay with the wait


I’m good with the wait. Take all the time you need. Since I have the first two, I’m in no rush. Do you want me to dm the names? or Just post it here?


Just post here i’ll be easier


Sounds good to me. Just give me a moment to round up the names.


Here they are:

Daughter of the Blue Dragon: same background with the dragon
Blue1994 - Instagram account is @blue_1994.episodes
Mya - Instagram account is @Mya.epy
Kmayber - and instagram account is @blondie_episode
Lanafrazer_episode - instagram account is lanafrazer.episode
Sunset16 - instagram account is @angelic_lynn.episode
Jossu - instagram account is @jossu.episode
TheLonavyaGirl - instagram account is @episode.lonavya

College Days: same background with the moon
fcukforcookies - background and instagram account for the group is @happyhelpers
TheLonavyaGirl - instagram account is @episode.lonavya
Blue1994 - Instagram account is @blue_1994.episodes
Mya - Instagram account is @Mya.epy
Lanafrazer_episode - instagram account is lanafrazer.episode
Sunset16 - instagram account is @angelic_lynn.episode

I think that is everyone. Hopefully.


@Jossu My bad, I forgot one. This one can go on both splashes.

Jessy.writes - instagram account is jessy.writes


Hi sorry I didn’t see your message and no no one has done my request et and i’d be grateful if you would still do it.



I would like to request an art scene with @Nina07 :slight_smile: If possible, or anyone that’s available. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Male Character:
Skin tone: Taupe
Brow: Medium Sharp
Hair: Faux Hawk/ Cayenne
Eyes: Round Percing / Auburn
Face: Chiseled Square
Nose: Roman
Lips: Uneven / Terracotta
*Rose tattoo

Female Character
Skin Tone: Olive
Brow: Smooth Arch
Hair: Fishtail Braid / Chestnut
Eyes: Upturned Luxe / Green
Face: Round
Nose: Aquiline
Lips: Full Round / Bordeaux

Pose: I would like something like that. Her against the corner left grey wall on the balcony.

But I want the female character arms crossed angry and the male character angry looking at her. I want him to have horns (demon).

Thank you ! :heart_eyes:


Here’s your cover! Sorry for the wait. :sweat:


Please credit Happy Helpers and/or me(@silver.shadow_episode)