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Hi! I just need a couple of quick overlays from this background:

I hope I can describe this correctly.

The lighter chair in the middle is what I need an overlay of, but I need two. One of the left armrest and another of the backside, seat, and right armrest. Does that make sense? :thinking: I’m having a character sit on it and another character standing behind the chair.


Like u need 2 chair overlays similar + basically every chair detail separately?


If u want to sit one char and one behind it, then u need only two overlays. One is the chair, and another is left armrest, for the sitting character. If u need anything else, explains more clear, maybe even draw smthg on the bg, to show what u need.



Take your time there is no rush :blush:


Yes! Thank you! That’s exactly what I needed! :blush:


hi could i get a customized overlay? idk if anyone could do this but could i get my character on top of her motorcycle riding it?

here are the details:


body: toffee
brow: defined natural
hair: beach wave : color: black
eyes: upturned bold ; color: black
face: soft heart
nose: elven
lips: classic ; color: bubblegum pink


-punk look boots
-black biker jacket
-navy blue shorts onesie top
-black leather leggings


here is the motorcycle;

if possible could you make it facing the right
and a helmet for her

thank you so much in advance


Background: Fairy Lights
Character Details :

Pose: Flirty Wink


art scene? Drawn or edited…


Profile Pic Drawn Pls


I can do it tomorrow if you would like.


Can I get an edit of an overlay?


Can you turn this white, please?


i tried using this overlay for my story but when i uploaded it to my overlay catalog it says that its over 1.637 MB and so if possible could someone fix it so it’d be useable ?



Try this:




it worked thank you so much


Your welcome!



Hey do you do drawn covers?


hi. I needed help getting rid of the background!


fill the form…


what form