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do i give credit to catthegirl on these overlays too?


No idea. Search through the drive, maybe there is an info on who you should credit. I found it through the forum search




hey again, when you have time can you convert this into a useable png like the other one? I’m having the same issue of it being over IMB





thank you


im so sorry for being a pest but what about this one ?



Sry, but this one is watermarked, you can’t use it at all.


hey maybe you can use this website it gives you 2 free png overlays a day and it has bullet overlays just click the link @kreyess1


hi can i please order a large and small cover for my story?


Sure just fill out the form!


Could this be done by @Silver_Shadow plz
Title: The Silvano Twins
Author name: Bridi
Story description: Your parents are feared gang leaders will you and your twin be able to live up to their legacy or will the pressure cause you to stumble and fall.
Background: A dark alley way
Characters: full description
Julia: Skin tone: taupe, Hair: beach wave hair: charcoal, Eyebrows: smooth arch, Eyes: Upturned Bold: toffee, Nose: upturned, Face shape: oval, Mouth: Full round: crimson (Twin1)

Jason: Skin tone: taupe, Eyebrows: Thin Arch, Hair: Short Cropped Hair: Fawn, Eyes: Deepset Piercing: Green, Face shape: square jaw, Nose: Button, Mouth: Uneven: Taupe (Twin2)

Aria (mum), Skin tone: Taupe, Hair: Straight - fawn, Nose: Celestial, Eyebrows: seductive arch, Face shape: Soft heart, Eyes: upturned feline - Taupe, Mouth: full round - taupe

Adrian (dad), Skin tone: Taupe, Hair: pompadour - black, Face shape: Chiselled Jaw, Eyebrows: Medium sharp, Nose: Button, Mouth: Classic - Taupe, Eyes: Deepest piercing - Green

Extra details: for the small cover can there be rain and an explosion in the background
Small cover:
Julia and Jason standing back to back holding a Gun with the rain falling and the Title in an explosion thats in the background

Large cover: can all 4 characters stand together as a family Julia and Adrian back and back and Aria and Jason back to back smirking with an explosion in the background and the title





Here is the characters and their outfits


Hi :hearts:
Is the art scenes open?


Thank you so much…


Yes it is.


Ok thank you. I would like an art scene (by @Silver_Shadow if it’s possible)


Character details:

( F) Jospehine:
Skin- Umber
Brow- Medium Soft Arch
Hair- Long Feathered (Black)
Eyes- Upturned Feline (Toffee)
Face- Soft Heart
Nose- Refined
Lips- Blossom (Rosewood)

(M) Mason:
Skin- Peach
Brow- Straight Bold
Hair- Short Cropped (Fawn)
Eyes- Deepset Piercing (Taupe)
Face- Defined Triangle
Nose- Button
Lips- Uneven (Blush)

Pose/positions: A reference to this (except he would have a belt in his hand)

Extra details:

Outfit for Mason:
Polo Shirt (Black)
Black Tight Pants
Basic Sneakers (Brown)
Lady Rose Tattoo

Outfit for Josephine:
Light Pink Sheer Vneck
Plain Swimsuit Top (Peach)
Plain Sheer Leggings

(Description: The story is about two reincarnated souls reunite but one is stuck in an abusive marriage)

When I need it: Take your time :hearts:


I do this ASAP, but it will take some time because I have a lot of requests.
Btw is the girl suppose to be blurry?


you could blur it if you want (Btw I had a mix up with the bathroom background. It’s INT. BATHROOM - DAY) (sorry that I took while to answer)


I need a background edit done. It’s an Episode Background and I need this in two weeks at the latest if possible. If you need more time please let me know.

Background description


dark blue, purple and light blue: It does not have to fluorescent colors if that is to hard to do. I just need the same color scheme is all.

Any other important information

I need the first background changed to the second background’s color scheme. If possible. If you can, I would like an ocean like scheme with the details. The club is called The Neptune and it has a jellyfish on the outside so if you could put in images like that for the pictures that would be great.