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Use this bg, not the one u sent me.





Wow! Did you make this from scratch?


Lol, course no. It’s edited hidden episode background


Oh, do you have a certain website where you find hidden Episode backgrounds?




@Dara.Amarie updated her’s?! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


As much as I know, yes, she did


hey, can i use some of these? i will credit you if these are yours! :slight_smile:


Which ones?


palace-river day and night


and the fountains maybe :stuck_out_tongue:


If u’r talking about drive link I posted, then no, these are not mine. These are official Episode backgrounds, that they didn’t upload on writer’s portal. No credit is needed


And YOUR WELCOME @Florpetal07. subtleness level -999


alright :slight_smile: i meant te drive link, idk if you mean that :slight_smile:


Thanks :joy:


I was wondering if you could maybe make a cover for me?
Title: Blacksmiths Boarding School
Author name: Jessica.Olson
Characters: Caroline:
body : honey
face shape: oval
brow: seductive round
hair: chestnut and beach wave
eyes: blue and upturned feline
nose: elven
lips: classic cherry red

body: tan
face shape: defined triangle
brow: narrow
hair: black classic
eyes: blue stoic almond
nose: button
lips: uneven terracotta
Extra details: Can I please have Dylan hugging Caroline from behind and putting his head on her shoulder. Can I have Caroline smiling and holding his hand which is on her waist. Can I also have Dylan smiling.
Clothes: Caroline: White Romper and white high heels
Dylan: ripped punk pants, V neck Tshirt (Navy), tattoos, and black hightop sneakers
When you need it: as soon as possible


Hi, I wanted to see if anyone was available to make 2 backgrounds for me.
I would love to have them in the next 2 weeks but if not I could definitely wait.

The first back ground:
Background description, similar to INT. AGENCY WAITING ROOM - DAY, but I want it to look like a hallway leading to a high school principal’s office
Colors: red, black, and white
Any other important information: i would like the chairs to be black, maybe some school posters in place of te artwork.

The second background
Background description: similar to INT. REGENCY ERA BALLROOM - DAY
Colors: red and green
Any other important information: it’s going to be used for a office Christmas party, or charity event. maybe some Christmas lights and a Christmas tree.

If this is too much to ask for, please let me know, I don’t want to be difficult. Thanks in advance.


Is this good?


yes these work wonderfully. Thank you so much.