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@Ellennnn be sure to credit us and I’m not sure if the background is good enough.
I searched for a background picture and that’s what I get…




Woww that’s amazing, u did it so quick!Wow thnx so much!xx

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I’ve got another issue
I can’t get the phonetext format to work

Your welcome I have a lot of request so I’m trying to finish up as much as I can

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Hi! I was told to comment here.

Title: I’ll send you later, I don’t have one right now
Author name: Leyana
Background: Feel free to choose one yourself but I can always send one!

Elmi.png310x650 56.5 KB

Mel.png310x650 48.8 KB

Extra details: Well… I actually had a cover in mind, but you guys mostly edit instead of draw it so you can just do whatever you like with it!
When you need it: You can take your time!

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It doesn’t work anymore and here: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

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Back again! (lol oops)
I need a cover!


Thick Mafia

Author name:



Character details:
Girl + clothes:

Guy + clothes:

Extra details:
  • The guy is shirtless, she please give him some abs :wink:
  • For the title please aviod the colors: Pink, purple , yellow , red , green , orange or blue.
  • He is in the ani flirt_shy and he hason hand around her waits. (he stands right)
  • She is in the animation idle_awkward
When do i need it:

2/3 days?

xoxo may

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I still don’t get it :disappointed_relieved:

Aawishkrita_Bhakat did one of my bedrooms and I’m still waiting on the second bedroom.


Almost finished xx

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@Auriane Heyy!! It took awhile but:


If there’s anything you want me to change, please let me know!! :smile:
I’m hApPy to help :joy:


Here’s your cover.
Thx for being patient :sunny:


OHMYGOD, that’s so freaking cute!!! YEET! I hate to change this, but could you change three little thingies? Hate to do this, it’s so gorgeous but it’s kinda my fault. The title is actually

Aim, Shoot, Kill

. I forgot to put in the commas. Could the font be a bit more retro, like this one?:

And could you change the background to them actually being on a beach? I love the background, I just wanna make it a bit realistic and potentially reference to it. But other than that, IT IS FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. LIKE ACTUALLY, GIRL YOU GOT TALENT!

And could I have the author thing at the bottom below the title in the same font? Sorry…

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It’s actually beautiful. Seriously.


Hello ItzTrishhxo,

I completed your request. :heart_eyes: Enjoy!
Good luck with your story. :wink:
May you have many reads!

See below:


@Auriane I am starting your splashes :blush:

Ok, thank you!

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Feel free to say if u want anything changed :blush:

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IT IS SO PERFECT, OMIGOSH AHHHH! I love them! Could the … on the first one be
Could you make the color of the font for the music one a slightly different shade or color? So that it’s a bit more legible? But seriously… great job!!!

Edit: Could you possible add an exlamation point afterwards? And make the … a …

Sorry, I’m just a bit OCD and particular.

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Your welcome and sure :blush:



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