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i’ll do it in a sec and can I send pictures of the characters?

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You can send pictures plus text character description :slight_smile:


Title: Unexpected Murder (in red and dramatic)
Author name: AngelicIqra
Background: Halloween episode house? (or just an outside of a house with halloween decor)

Im going doing the characterss

Will get started right away

Can u send the eyebrows as well

here you go~

Viola’s eyebrows are seductive round & Luca’s eyebrows are thin arch.

Thank you so much!!

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Sorry, I already used another eyebrow for Luca, you want me to change it (course u do)

Oh no, it’s fine!

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Thank god!

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How much do u hate the hand:

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The hand is alright!

Does this match your desire:

Yes! Definitely!

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I might rest for a while, I’ll continue in 15
Is that ok