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Yes! Definitely!

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I might rest for a while, I’ll continue in 15
Is that ok

That’s alright! I’m in no rush!

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I might be able to get it to you in 12

I mean 12 hours

Alright, That’s fine!

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@xox_heatherann Your cover is ready:


Have a nice day and be sure to credit @HappyHelpers
Be sure to tell me if you need the large cover or want me to change anything

Can you guys review my story? If you dont mind.
Title : I’m not scared
Author : Lynxx
Genre : Drama (Romance & College)
Style : Limelight

Suddenly all your ex-crush/lovers is going in the same school. Would you survive your school year & focus on your career or you’ll just end up with a broken dream & a broken heart?


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Thank you so much!


Hey, @fcukforcookies
Could u do me a cover:
Character details:
Adriana details:

Body: Neutral 01

Eyebrows: Arched natural scar Color: Copper red

Hair: Long straight loose bangs sideswept Color: Copper red

Eyes: Female generic Color: Violet

Face: Heart soft

Nose: Round button

Lips: Medium heart natural Color: Red deep gloss

Lucas details:

Body: Neutral 01

Eyebrows: Arched medium Color: Blackjet

Hair: Slicked back solid Color: Chestnut brown

Eyes: Deepset downturned Color: Hazel

Face: Square long jaw squabble

Nose: Male generic

Lips: Medium straight natual Color: Beige deep natural
Extra details: I want them both to be holding hands like this:
and a light to be bursting out from their hands and for them to be hovering above the ground with white shining eyes
I would like it drawn.
Thaaaanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Story name: College days: Mortals world
Author: Pro.Writer

It’s sorta supernatural story?

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Wow, u read that fast

OK, I’ll get to it on the weekend :slight_smile:

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Sorry, the days aren’t matching
What day is it there

Now, it’s 7pm friday :slight_smile:

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That would be tomorrow!
That’s super great!
(I guess u meant next weekend, right)

Nuh. It’s this saturday or sunday :slight_smile:

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That’d be great!!!

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Hey guys! I’m back

This is for a ‘follow me on’ splash



Follow Me On:

Instagram @pikachuk18
Wattpad @PikachuK18


Skin Tone: Copper 03
Eye Brows and Colour: Round Thin High (Black Dark)
Hair and Colour: Long Feathered (Black Dark)
Eyes and Colour: Round Downturned Wide (Brown Black)
Face Shape: Heart Soft
Nose Shape: Round Broad
Lips and Colour: Full Heart Pouty (Red Gloss)


I would like her to be sitting down, holding her phone (Black iPhone 6s) in one hand and smiling at the camera


I would really like her to look playful and happy

When you need it:

ASAP (two days-ish earlier is fine)