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I cannot find it anywhere… So sad…
You can just forget it…


Is this it Happy Helpers - Reviews, Covers, Splashes, Script Help and more! - click the link


Omg hero


Thaanks! Will be done in this week sorry cuz im busy…


Its ok




Could I please request an outro splash? :slight_smile:

Backgrounds: gradient, if possible!
Text: follow on Instagram for sneak peeks & updates! xox_heatherann.episode
Characters: black Monday morning updo, light skin, elven nose, round bold blue eyes, classic blush lips, seductive round eyebrows, oval face

Outfit: red hoodie, black tank top, dark denim jeans, beach day black sneakers, hipster black glasses
Poses: idle_read_book
Extras: none
When you need it: in a few weeks, no rush!


I can do it for you if you can make the character doing the pose for me


Story name: Fallen Angel
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
How many chapters you want read: 4
Do you want a review or just reads?: A review would be nice!
Author Name: Rune
Cover: below, not sure if it will show on the app, haven’t checked
Sent by PM or on this thread? -PM
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5754139360231424


on it


Sure! I’ll get that for you now!


Here you go! You can use this outfit lol


Uh, no.


Thank you I’ll get it done


Okay! Thank you :slight_smile:


Backgrounds: Alleyway
intro: The story is just getting started, tap slowly!
outro: To be continued… See you next time!
skin: olive
nose: elven
eyes: upturned bold, auburn
mouth: full round, scarlet
brow: seductive arch
hair: black, diva curls
face: oval
outfit: plain sheer legging, maroon leather jacket, maroon military style heels, black zip up bra
skin: honey
eyes: deep set piercing, green
mouth: uneven, toffee
brow: medium shap
hair: short cropped, black
nose: button
face: defined triangle
outfit: red black shoes, ripped black jeans, red shirt, black leather jacket
Poses: Can you have both characters in the idle_hold_gun pose pointing the gun at each other for the intro, and for the outro both or them winking, please?
Extras: I need both male and female to hold a gun, and a motorcycle in the background, please.
When you need it: 1 week to a month from now, please?


hi i need a script template
it’s for my stories intro i would really love it if you guys could create a template of having my characters fade in and out of the screen


Can you please take me off the list, thank u.


Heya i know im a member but can i get a fast review xD please!


Hello I’ve finished 2 of your requested splashes!! I’m working on the third one now I’m really sorry for the delay, I kinda got caught up with school and I hope you can forgive me. If there’s anything you want to be changed in the splashes, I’ll work on them immediately!! Again, I apologise…


Here are your splashes :blush:

I’m working on the third splash rn :frowning:
Sorry :sob: