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@BrianaMile Omg!! I’m soooooo soooo sorry I didn’t see this I was really busy! :sob:


Is this ok?
Again IM SO SORRY :sob::sob:


I can do it! @Shoosha138


Hi sorry for taking an extra day to make your covers
Anyway here is the small cover

And here I sthe big cover

Again so sorry for taking an extra day, if u want anything changed just tell me :smiley:


yes please but can it be a little quick please?


Oooh, I like them! Thank you very much!
I don’t want to be a nuisance, but is it possible to brighten up the small cover at all?


Is anyone able to create an art scene for me by Saturday - 18th November, pretty please? :slight_smile:


Yes I’ll fix it right awzy


Here is it a bit a lighter


Hiya! Is @Rac5hel or @fcukforcookies taking art scene requests atm?


@AnonymousAuthor1 and @sofia2 Sorry if I have been very complicated about my request, Just wanted to say that.


Thank you so much! :grin::grin:


Your welcome again sorry for being one day late on your request :grin:


Done. I sent you a message.


hi ! would any of you guys happen to have light gray laptop overlay? not the screen one, something like this :


or maybe if you could change the color

thank you ! :yellow_heart:



I need an art scene for my story, and I was wondering if you could make one for me.

Background: I don’t have anytihng specific in mind; something with the vibe of INT. YOUR BEDROOM - NIGHT (LL) - some tones of red, maybe a window or a the curtains in the backround
Character details:

  • let me know if you need the specific details (Skin tone and so on) and I’ll PM them to you or just post here!

Pose/positions: The guy holding the girl in his lap, they are making out
Sorta like this:

Extra details: Characters wearing the outfits in the picture, but no need to make the girls skirt & top sparkly
When you need it: Rather sooner than later but no hurry, take your time! xo


So, I made this cover request like a month ago and there’s still no sign of it. I was wondering if something was wrong or I didn’t see it or anything. I just want to know what happened to it.


What was the request?



Hiya, Just wondering how my request is coming along. :heart: