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The story is called Daughter of the Blue Dragon. If you decide to read it or not.


Sorry, not a fan of mafia stories :persevere:


No problem! It’s not everyones cup of tea. Thank you for replying though!


can someone make me and overlay of an arm? Like for a hug or kissing scene it’d look good, ive seen it in many different stories


also can someone turn this into an overlay for me? My friend made it but it’s not a png image so I can’t use it


Hello, Can I request a script template of a flash mob done in college grounds. Many people required around 10 Background and 2-3 main ones.


@fcukforcookies, when u have time!

A splash - ish

Backgrounds: greyish background (maybe with clouds but blurry)

Text: Pull me closer (somewhere above the characters)

Characters: Female Character

Male character

I only want their upper body in the splash.

Poses: I would like him to be holding his hand up to her cheek and their foreheads are against each others.

Extras: I want the characters to be overlays. Meaning I want the female to be a seperate overlay and the male to be another overlay.

When you need it: As soon as possible!


Hey guys I have a few requests,

Firstly an overlay from this image - overlay%20ples
no rush.

in the same style please

Title: Game Of Love
Author name: PikachuK18

Characters: image

Name: Marine
Skin Tone: Copper 01
Eye Brows and Colour: Arched Natural Scar (Chestnut Brown)
Hair and Colour: Long Wavy Parted Hair (Blonde Medium)
Eyes and Colour: Round Medium (Ice Blue)
Face Shape: Heart Soft
Nose Shape: Round Broad
Lips and Colour: Full Heart Pouty (Rose Light Nude Gloss)

Extra details: I need Marine to be facing left and holding a bow and arrows (arrows slung round back) and the other girl to stay basically the same. They both need angry faces, and a blue kind of light surrounding the tattoo on her hip.

can I have a small and a large cover)

When you need it: Whenever. Take your time!


Hi can someone do me a bath overlay, I want my characters in the bath lol
I looked on overlays and there wasn’t one on there


@fcukforcookies I don’t need it until sometime in December if that is enough time for you. I will totally understand if you don’t want to do it.
I’m not asking for an art scene but I was wondering if you could make the characters as an overlay I need Deric to hug Lena from behind.
Here is a better picture of Lena. Also here are the arm overlays if you need them for the image if you decide to do the request,


I’ll do it. Just send me character details details as a text, and also what face expressions they supposed to have.


Thank you so much!
Skintone: Taupe
Brow: Thin Arch
Hair: Generic Short(Cayenne)
Eyes: Deepset Gentle (blue)
Face: Square Jaw
Nose: Aquiline
Mouth: Smirk(Taupe)

Skintone: Light Ocre
Brow: Smooth Arch
Hair: Monday Morning Updo(Charcoal)
Eyes: Upturned Natural(Blue)
Face: Defined Oblong
Nose: Refined
Mouth: Classic(Cherry Red)

I need them both smiling. It’s for a picture like background. They are on a date.




Hi, I was wondering if someone could make me a cover.
Title: Playing The BadBoy
Author name: The Purple Wolf



Extra details: I would like the boy to be flirt_wink_atcamera_pose and holding a gun and i would like the girl to be idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop

When you need it: whenever

OH and i would like the heading to have bullets in them



Lit Garden.jpg1920x1137 722 KB

Character details:

faint.jpg310x650 80.3 KB


gun.png310x650 82.2 KB

with shadow of

shiver.png310x650 79.1 KB

Pose/positions: secand female face right and the other faces left to the first female
Extra details: the green-dressed girl should had green light around her
When you need it: in a week, please :slight_smile: I have been waiting over two weeks for this artscene and hope that you will help me or tell me what artprogam you are using to make your cool, sweet artscene


Hey could I get a cover for my story called SAVING HEAVEN please x
Author name: Elise Gill
Background: Just a white or red background
Characters: I’ll put them under
Extra details: Can you make the angels and devils look angry towards each other
can I email you the photos


Whoops sorry, I fell asleep.
Here are the clothes:

Top: Plaid Collared Blue Tank
Pants: Ripped Punk Pants
Shoes: Skater Guy Black Sneakers

Dress: Orange Retro Dress
Earrings: Circle Dangle Earrings
Heels: Cap Toe Heels
Bracelet: Silver Bangles


You fell asleep


Hey. Just noticed it. Can u send me character details as a text?


We were messaging about this at like midnight last night maybe later than that. I didn’t see her message until like 2 hours ago.