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Okay, awesome!

Thank you so much! If there’s anything you need from me just let me know and I’ll try to be as helpful as I can :slight_smile:

Also, I’m sorry to be a bother, but could it be both a Large and Small Cover?


Sure. Maybe you have more main characters besides MC? The ones that could be included in the large cover?


Sure! I’ve got the main villain, or the second main protag, which would you prefer?



  1. their looks, liek u described MC
  2. a bit about their personalities and relationships. (powers? if it’s supernatural story)
  3. description
    If u don’t wanna write spoilers here, just pm me.


Hi! I was wondering if you could review my story!

Story name: College Days: Once in a Lifetime
Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy
Style: Limelight
How many chapters you want read: 3
Do you want a review or just reads?: Review
Author Name: Addi
Sent by PM or on this thread?:PM
Link :http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5066864958963712


Hey just wanted to see if my request was complete


No, sorry I couldn’t find it


Ok thanks for trying


Hi. I was wondering who was taking this request?






Could you please make me a motorcycle overlay? It would be a huge help!
Color: Black
When you need it: Asap please ( ^ _ ^ ) TY


Here you go!


I know I’m being impatient, but is anyone taking this request?


@PikachuK18 hows this




can i get a cover with two characters that look like this Screenshot%20(2) andScreenshot%20(11) with this as the background pv2_back_EXT__GAZEBO_POOL_HOUSE___DAY the title is New Beginning pls help thanks


Hey @RavenElla I’ll be doing your cover what cover do you want Small or Large cover?


Small Pls


Title: Behind The Curtains

Author name: Ashlyn G

Background: i don’t really have a specific one but just any studio background really if you need me to find a specific one i can try but if not them just use any studio one


skintone: Copper 02
Face shape: Male generic
Brow: straight medium
Eye: Deepset heavy lid
Eye Color: Blue green
Nose: male generic
Lips: Medium straight natural
Lip color: Beige Rose

Extra details: i just really want him to be singing into a microphone you dont have to include his full body if its too much work just his shoulder up oh and could you use this picture for reference (without the people in the background)

When you need it: i don’t really mind how long it takes - as long as it isn’t past February - if its to a good quality

Ciao ~ :heart: