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Thank you!


And can ya just tell me her lip colour?


Forgot about that one! Yeah it’s Rose Light Nude Matte




Hey! Can I request a pfp?


sure! fill out the form provided!


Do you think you can do something like example 3?


I’ll still give you the details.


we’ll try our best


Okay, I just want the background to be black.
I want the character to look like me so it should have dark brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, freckles, and light colored skin. If you need more details than that just lmk!


okay it may take us a while as we have a big waiting list, but we will try our best and get back to you


Hi! I hope you’re still open.
Story A Divine Tale
Genre Fantasy
how many chapters i want read 5 chapters please.
do i want review or reads review
Author Name Emily M.
Sent by PM or this thread PM


Can I request 2 phone overlays please?


Fill in the form and do one will do it.


Type of background: 2 Phone overlays with this background

and with these characters
When I need it by? 1-2 days (if possible)

If u want me to be more specific here is that I want:

The first phone overlay:

I want the phone to have this background:

And in the phone overlay I want these characters with this animations:

(I want her on the right and facing left towards the other character)

And for the other character:

(with her facing right and on the left side and facing towards the other character)

For the second overlay, I want the same background as :point_up_2: that one only I want 3 message notifications and all three of them are from Mark

The first message from Mark I want it to say:

Hey ladybug, are you done yet with the tutoring with that doofus? (45 minutes ago at the top of the notification like a normal phone)

The second one of Mark I want it to say:

Are you done yet? (20 minutes ago)

The third one from Mark I want it to say:

Hey text me back when your done I’m starting to get worried. (10 minutes ago)



Thank u :blush: but can I have like the big clock on the phone and a date on top like a regular phone please?


whats the date?


October 13