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Okay you can do it cuz your better at art scenes

Nuh. Its just everyone has their own style :slight_smile:


True but I do like your style


Thank you hon :slight_smile:

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Sure Np

@TheCreepyNun are you doing @xox_heatherann request

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Whoever can draw art is more than welcome to do my request! :slight_smile:

So u want an art cover or just a regular cover?

I would like it as an art cover if possible!


If you’d like to do it, you’re more than welcome! :slight_smile:

I have a few requests that I need to finish up, it likely wouldn’t get done by me until next week…

Would the drawn art be characters that need drawn for a cover? If so I could do that but again it wouldn’t get finished until next week.

can you give me a limelight cover? Please I need one

Fill the form provided in the post please :slight_smile:


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i’ll do it in a sec and can I send pictures of the characters?

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You can send pictures plus text character description :slight_smile:


Title: Unexpected Murder (in red and dramatic)
Author name: AngelicIqra
Background: Halloween episode house? (or just an outside of a house with halloween decor)

Im going doing the characterss

Will get started right away