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Hey, @fcukforcookies
Could u do me a cover:
Character details:
Adriana details:

Body: Neutral 01

Eyebrows: Arched natural scar Color: Copper red

Hair: Long straight loose bangs sideswept Color: Copper red

Eyes: Female generic Color: Violet

Face: Heart soft

Nose: Round button

Lips: Medium heart natural Color: Red deep gloss

Lucas details:

Body: Neutral 01

Eyebrows: Arched medium Color: Blackjet

Hair: Slicked back solid Color: Chestnut brown

Eyes: Deepset downturned Color: Hazel

Face: Square long jaw squabble

Nose: Male generic

Lips: Medium straight natual Color: Beige deep natural
Extra details: I want them both to be holding hands like this:
and a light to be bursting out from their hands and for them to be hovering above the ground with white shining eyes
I would like it drawn.
Thaaaanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Story name: College days: Mortals world
Author: Pro.Writer

It’s sorta supernatural story?

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Wow, u read that fast

OK, I’ll get to it on the weekend :slight_smile:

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Sorry, the days aren’t matching
What day is it there

Now, it’s 7pm friday :slight_smile:

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That would be tomorrow!
That’s super great!
(I guess u meant next weekend, right)

Nuh. It’s this saturday or sunday :slight_smile:

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That’d be great!!!

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Hey guys! I’m back

This is for a ‘follow me on’ splash



Follow Me On:

Instagram @pikachuk18
Wattpad @PikachuK18


Skin Tone: Copper 03
Eye Brows and Colour: Round Thin High (Black Dark)
Hair and Colour: Long Feathered (Black Dark)
Eyes and Colour: Round Downturned Wide (Brown Black)
Face Shape: Heart Soft
Nose Shape: Round Broad
Lips and Colour: Full Heart Pouty (Red Gloss)


I would like her to be sitting down, holding her phone (Black iPhone 6s) in one hand and smiling at the camera


I would really like her to look playful and happy

When you need it:

ASAP (two days-ish earlier is fine)


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Cover art needed LL

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I need a cover art small and large but i dont have the time to make it :sweat_smile: the character deets are here and i want them to be in a shush pose for at least one of the covers the rest doesnt matter (clothes dont matter either) The title is “Shush” and author name is “TeahWalker323” I will give credit!
Rose 04
Furrowed Raised S (Chestnut Brown)
Long Top Messy Curls (Medium Warm Brown)
Sloaping Heavy Lid (Ice Blue)
Chiseled Angular
Straight Pointed
Medium Heart (Beige Gold Matte)

Copper 08
Arched Natural Scar (blackJet)
Long Double Dutch Braids (Black Dark)
Deepest Almond (Grey Cool)
Heart Soft
Pointed Downturned
Full Heart Pouty (Red Deep Gloss)

When picking clothes please add the rose tattoo to the Female

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When do u need it


@CaelaM Can u do it


When ever is fine no longer than like 2 weeks


I could do it tomorrow, dunk worry about the time just be sure not to request this anywhere else




Here is your request😊:


If u want something change then feel free to tell me😊


Type of background:Bedroom for a girl (But not girly girl.)
Colors:Blue,green and gray
Themes:Music and art
When you need it:When you can :slight_smile:
The Character Harper love’s Music and art. So I need it to be kind of a girl’s room but not girly please.

Oh also can I get like a desk in the back of the room in one of the zones and it to be 3 if you can.

Hey, could I please get an overlay of a red rose? I don’t have a specific image x