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I love it :heart_eyes:! Yeah I’ll definitely credit


@epsd.ama i was request you for a small cover so ill send you the details.

Skin tone: LIGHT
Eyes: Upturned Bold blue
Face shape: Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
eyesbrows: seductive arch
Lips ; classic chery red
Hair:Beach Wave Hair, BLACK

Skin tone: LIGHT
FACE SHAPE: Athletic Square Jaw
Eyes:Stoic Almond, BLUE
Eyebrows:Thin Arch
Hair:Short Cropped Hair, BLACK
Lips:Small Round blush

thats the background

thats the pose

you can sent it to me as soon as you done im allways here.
Thank you soooo much <3

The title is forbidden love ( obstacles between us)
Author: daniela_episode

Ill give credit from now on all my intros and outtros


Sorry for the late response, mine is done :slight_smile:

Ah my requests are closed but @Episode.Cameronwrite is so talented and so is @Rac5hel. Maybe they can help


Thank you so much, I am sorry but I do not do custom poses

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@natashadavis ^^

Idk if this counts as a script help or not but, in the new thriller contest stories there are some features I have never seen in episode such as;
Laptop and webcam overlay
Animated overlays (Like a laptop screen changing text in an animated way)
A light which spreads in a few seconds and many other cool things
So, do you know how to use them?

You have to upload overlays then code it :smile:

Can you tell me how to do so?

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IDK how to do it @AnonymousAuthor1 might

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Okay, guess I’ll just have to wait

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@Ellennnn be sure to credit us and I’m not sure if the background is good enough.
I searched for a background picture and that’s what I get…




Woww that’s amazing, u did it so quick!Wow thnx so much!xx

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I’ve got another issue
I can’t get the phonetext format to work

Your welcome I have a lot of request so I’m trying to finish up as much as I can

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Hi! I was told to comment here.

Title: I’ll send you later, I don’t have one right now
Author name: Leyana
Background: Feel free to choose one yourself but I can always send one!

Elmi.png310x650 56.5 KB

Mel.png310x650 48.8 KB

Extra details: Well… I actually had a cover in mind, but you guys mostly edit instead of draw it so you can just do whatever you like with it!
When you need it: You can take your time!

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It doesn’t work anymore and here: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

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Back again! (lol oops)
I need a cover!


Thick Mafia

Author name:



Character details:
Girl + clothes:

Guy + clothes:

Extra details:
  • The guy is shirtless, she please give him some abs :wink:
  • For the title please aviod the colors: Pink, purple , yellow , red , green , orange or blue.
  • He is in the ani flirt_shy and he hason hand around her waits. (he stands right)
  • She is in the animation idle_awkward
When do i need it:

2/3 days?

xoxo may

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I still don’t get it :disappointed_relieved: