Happy Indigenous Month (on Episode)


Channing Tatum: Half Native American and Irish (Yes, he really is)




One of the interesting things about native Americans is we all can look different.

Different tribes have different features.


Modern examples:

We’re such a diverse range of people!

Personally, I take on features of the second modern example :blush:


Deborah Mailman: Aboriginal

Fun Fact: Was the first Aboriginal actress to win the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role


Yes, they really are. I get surprised a lot and amazed



Don’t make me cry honey :sob::sob: Thank you so much this really is so special. With awesome, supporting and loving people like you, staying in touch with my native roots will be much easier. :sparkling_heart: (PS You’re mostly correct but I’m near 25% African American. The other 25% is Irish! :shamrock:️)

Much LOVE! :cherry_blossom::kissing_heart:


I’m trying my best to learn more about my Aboriginal roots. However, I don’t like to claim it at times because I’m not 100% sure of I am. :confused: But I still try to somewhat embrace the culture if so


It’s both relaxing and kinda stressful trying to figure out who you are based on what you were told when you were born and your hereditary features. A lot of people thought I was Puerto Rican or cuban when I lived in Florida because the majority of the population is. It just goes to prove that looks can be very deceiving in regards to culture. People often make assumptions based on looks, but since there are so many beautiful and different looking natives with the different features, a lot of people jump to the conclusion that you are full black, full, white, full Mexican, etc. this just makes it a little bit more annoying and tedious to explain, and a little bit harder to take pride when explaining since you aren’t 100% sure. At least that’s the situation for me anyway. I love the beautiful people that are confident in stating who they are and their ethnicity, I’m just not there yet. :sparkling_heart::sob:



From the skin tone, to the eye shape, To the face shape, to the lip shape, I have a many super similar features to this image shared by @ZADDY I have deep brown eyes and medium curly hair because of the African-American, but my skin is just a shade lighter because of the Irish. It’s a confusing blend, I personally think I’m pretty hideous, but I can’t speak for all of these beautiful features that vary to all of the beautiful native people in the world.


Her eyes are so pretty! Honestly my eyes look the exact same but for some reason I can’t even compare to her beauty. Mine are just a bit darker though.


Us people now are more interracial then ever, honestly. When some people look at me, they either think I’m African or Nigerian and some think I am even Somalian. My family even said I looked like Somalis people. I have Kinky hair, High cheekbones, Light-ish Brown Skin, Dark Areas on some of my face and eyes, Dark brown eyes, Aquiline nose, and kinda the same lips as the girl in the image. It’s kinda hard to tell what a person is at times since people are mixed with a lot of ethnicities now.


I guess people are really just used to thinking everyone can only be one race. There are so many mixed people, but they are all labeled as 100% one race at least once in their life. I think everyone is mixed in the whole world, because somewhere down your bloodline you’d have to have at least 1% something else… :woman_shrugging:


idk if this counts but my grandma said something about my great-great grandmother (or great-great aunt not really sure) was native american

but even tho i have native american roots i would never say im native american because its probably a VERY SMALL percentage…


For my case it is indigeneous people of Asia :grin:


she is beautiful


I’d be happy to create an episode story about indigenous people!! It is really unique different and refreshing. (But when I have the time and plot :grin:) . But I’m so up for the challenge.

Though maybe Episode could have more outfits for indigenous people so it would be easier too




I just remembered that Kay Elle has featured some native Americans in some of her stories, and they’re not just background characters, they’re major characters. :slight_smile:


Wow, all of them are gorgeous :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you so very much for recommending my stories!
“Sherlock in Love” and “Fantastical: The Frontier” are the titles with Indigenous leads, I hope I did those characters justice.