Happy New Year - Have TWO New Stories!

Hi all!

I’m promoting my two new stories! Regret Me Not (Romance) and The Survivor of Sin City (Thriller)!

My previous two stories have accumulated a total of 160k reads, these new stories are more advanced, so I am certain you will find them an interesting read!

To find these stories, search Regret Me Not and The Survivor of Sin City, alternatively you can search me calico.episode!

If you love them, please share them and post screenshots to instagram with the hashtags at the bottom of the pictures, and follow me at @calico.episode

Thank you in advance!

C x


May I ask who did the cover art? It looks amazing and I’ll def check it out soon

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@MysteryMaker who also did the art for a previous story of mine Second Chance Charlie :slight_smile: you can find her Instagram handle on the covers :slight_smile: if not, follow her at @mystery.artistz


Story Name : The Survivor of Sin City
Author : calico.episode
Genre : Thriller, Adventure, Romance
Status : 5 (more episodes coming soon)
Cover Art : @MysteryMaker
Style : Limelight
Customisation: MC Customisation, LI Customisation (LGBTQ+), Non Romantic Option
Instagram : @calico.episode
Description : Bonnie goes undercover to investigate a research facility in Sin City, as the city quickly descends into chaos, will Bonnie & her team safely make it out?
Includes: Mini-games, advanced directing, choices that matter, sounds and music, points system, customisation, fight scenes.


This looks so good ! Will definitely give it a try :two_hearts:

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Title The Night We Met
Genre Romance
Description Lorelai is an ordinary girl who moved to Paris to chase her dreams. She never expected to find her true soulmate. So what happens when she shares a kiss with Alarie Badeaux?
**Chapters Out ** 1-3
**Link **

@Sydney_H can you close thus thread please :slight_smile:

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Can you dm me the links?

Sure :slight_smile:

Closed by OP request :smiley: