Happy or sad endings? )

So, recently i was writing and I was wondering do you readers prefer good endings or sad endings? Does it matter or do you prefer to leave the story at a mytery?

  • Happy Ending
  • Sad Ending

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personally, i think you should do what’s most natural for the story. if everything was leading to a sad ending, then by all means, make a sad ending. same with a happy ending. it could even depend on the choices you make.


I generally go for happy endings. I honestly hate sad endings.

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I love sad endings sometimes. Depends what genre. I prefer sad endings in thrillers, horrors, and mysteries

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I like Happy endings but sad endings also give the story a new point of view, especially if there’s a sudden plot-twist

You can do whichever suits your story plot the best

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I really like the stories that would at first end sad but then would be plot twist and BOOM happy ending.

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I like happy endings because I’d prefer my heart to be safely inside my body, and not in pieces on the floor, but I tend to write sad endings myself by default haha.

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Sad endings for me. They’re more realistic


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