Happy Saint Lucy’s Day 🔅

Happy Saint Lucy’s Day

Sul mare luccia l’astro d’argento,
Placida è l’onda, prospero è il vento
Venite all’agile barchetta mia…
Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia!


I’m not sure if anyone of you celebrate this day. When I was younger the school always organized a kind of performance with Christmas song, and we had white night gowns on or you could be dressed up as Santa’s little helper or a gingerbread. We always ate gingerbread and saffron buns afterwards! :star2::yum: I promise, this is not a sect, it’s a tradition. :wink:

I want to wish you a happy Saint Lucy’s day. :dizzy:


Happy Saint Lucy’s day to you :sparkles:

BTW gingerbread is so delicious :heart_eyes:


Thank you! :relaxed::star2:

I agree, very yummy :yum:


Happy Saint Lucy’s day! I’ve never celebrated the day with any traditions. I don’t think anyone does in America. I’m so happy you shared that with us, though. I am Catholic, so I read that today was St. Lucy’s feast day, but I didn’t know anyone did anything to celebrate it like that.


Interesting! Yep, from what I know the tradition to celebrate this day isn’t very broad. :star2:

Happy to share it! :relaxed: :raised_hands:

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