Happy Saint Paddy's Day!

Just as the title says; wishing you a happy Saint Patrick’s Day! It’s not really a highly celebrated holiday, at least not like Christmas, but hey, it’s a holiday.

What are y’all going to do to celebrate, if you’re going to celebrate at all? :grin:

I’m going to be making some Irish soda bread! And having some other traditionally Irish cuisine.

I’m a pale, redheaded, freckled guy named Patrick (also Irish, although I don’t really celebrate it as much as my Norwegian heritage), so… Saint Patrick’s Day is a fun day for me, ahaha.


I’m not Irish, but I’ll celebrate with some lucky charms lol jk. :laughing:
But I usually drink a Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s. I higly recomend it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

my brother absolutely HATES when ppl call it that. Happy St. Patrick’s Day anyway!

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

I’m wearing green today.

Um…let’s just say I’m wearing green. Dammit I always forget to wear green. Whenever someone asks I just say I’m wearing green underwear :joy:

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