Happy SG Day! (9/25/18)


Hello everyone and happy SG day!


We all know this section is primarily used for RPs but there are also the amazing SGs that need attention as well! Today is a special day to give recognition to the great SGs of our past and the few that are currently going on that you enjoy.

I also know of a few people who have some special SG related announcements so look out for those!

You can use this thread to talk and discuss anything SG related!

Here is the link to all the RP/SG section Holidays:

Now what is an SG? (As per request of Jeremy. Thanks Jeremy, we love you)

SG stands for Story Game and while there are some in this section they are much less popular then roleplays. An SG is basically a choose your own adventure story. You submit characters and the creator writes a story with them and at the end of basically every chapter you get to make a choice that’ll affect future chapters.


So for this SG day I came to announce that I (with the help of the Marvelous Cam) am bringing Road Trip Back!!! I loved writing the first chapter and we are finally bringing it back.

So, I’m wondering who that were originally in it are still interested! And the characters who are left with no owners will be completely adoptable. (So, those who aren’t in it, and are interested keep your eyes peeled!)

Here is the old official thread: Road Trip || SG ||

So @Cam @Vanille @Once @ScarletSwanHunter @Kittenlove @Darling_Episode @Ella @Lady-Mehek @Episodegirl

You still interested? If not I am not hurt in the slightest I just want to know.

And also with Luxinos/Catarla gone for now, her character Lisette is up for adoption! PM me if you are interested.

(And @EpisodeGirl I STILL haven’t gotten your character submitted completely so if you wish to participate I really need that in soon. Thank ya)


For those of us not familiar…what one earth is SG? Thanks!


Hi Jeremy and welcome to the Story Game & Role Play Section :speak_no_evil: . My name is Fallen and am one of the many members of the Story Game and Role Play community. Feel free to check out our forum
here (Created to help new people learn about some super useful info on how to understand the SG & RP community!) You can always reach out to our cult-members on the guide, and we will be able to assist you. Really hope you enjoy your time on the Story Game and Role Play Section :+1: :+1:


I know what SG stands for but figured you might want to include a description for those not familiar :slight_smile:


Ahhhhhh there’s an SG Day??? :scream:


Yep! Back on the old forums some of us oldies made a whole bunch of different RP/SG related holidays. You can check out all the holidays in the link I posted on the initial post. :wink:

Happy StoryGame Day!


This is super-duper-awesome-estic! :balloon:

Happy SG Day to everyone! :birthday::gift::tada:


Cool :+1:


The SG hasn’t started, but I’m so excited for Vanishings by @arielbelles to begin! I can’t wait!


Heya, not sure where to tell you this, but I’m still interested in this, and now that I’m back, I can participate.


He’s always watching.
Anyway, I missed this, but although I have never been in a completed story game, I think the concept is awesome and admire the dedication of those who finish.


I think in my (I think) 4 years on the forums I think I’ve only seen 3 SGs ever finish which is kinda sad. But that doesn’t mean that the SG isn’t good.


I’m late as heck, but well, I’m here.

I know I tried it before, but I have been thinking about bringing back The Mystery of Magnolia. It would have slow updates because uni is a thing and since it’s my junior year already I’m beginning to take harder classes, seminars, and things for my professional life, but it could happen.

So I’m going to ask, who of the original people would be interested?
@ScarletSwanHunter @LHT @SillyCupcake22233 @Cricket_Master @Ella @Kittenlove @benitz786 @KeelyKiwi


If I can use my old characters, I am definitely interested.


I’m interested.




Y E S! Bring this back!!




Late asf but happy super belated SG day!
Am I the only one who prefers SG’s over RP’s?

@Kale Aww you remember me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

On a side note, I really wanna start my SG, but life’s been pretty tough and kind of hard to talk about, I just feel like I’m dragging it on but I can’t find the time to be on here often. sigh :worried: