Happy to help (Directing Help)


Hey anyone who can tell me how you can make your character exits and doing it while being sad? :slight_smile:


@CHAR exits left AND CHAR does it while walk_sad


Thanks :wink:


Is there a way so that you can make a character face behind her and do and animation at the same time? (: I want someone to take a photo while facing behind her, but when I make her turn around she does not do the animation.


I’m not sure if this will make any sense but, I have a question regarding speech bubbles. You know how sometimes the tail of the bubble is angled instead of straight up or down? Is there a way to make that happen on your own or is it just what the portal thinks you need?


&CHAR is animation
@CHAR is animation

The & means the animation will happen at the same time as the @

You could also use-
@CHAR is animation AND CHAR is animation


I don’t think you can change that. Only the direction of the tail unfortunately