Happy (Way Early) Halloween!


Hello! If you are like me, you are in love with Halloween. I love the fall! If you love the fall, you can share your reasons here on this topic. You can also use this topic to share important announcements about Halloween or fall.

Here are a few announcements for fall:

  1. I have changed my profile to look like this:

I am excited to hear your reasons! I will start the reasons.


I love the fall because nobody can judge me for listening to this song:


Mainly because it is about halloween XD.


Hi I am a massive Halloween fan its my favourite time of year, I just can’t get enough of it. I love it because I enjoy a good scare and enjoying scaring others at the same time I love the dark and mysterious side to Halloween or also known as Samhain or All Hallows Eve.



That sums it up right there about those of us who have a love for halloween, I mean I love summer but by the time autumn rolls around I start planning my Halloween :smiling_imp::woman_zombie:️:vampire:‍♀️


I really wish we celebrated Halloween in South Africa
It looks like it’s really fun


I know right :persevere:


Omg you’re from here?


West Africa :upside_down_face:




Well the best place I would say to celebrate halloween has got to be America, they go all put they are really into I would love to go just for that reason :grin::ghost:


:vampire: I finally got my memes


Dude I love Halloween


This is literally me :joy:


I bought my costume in June lmao


I don’t blame you it’s good to be prepared for the best time of the year :joy:




I am still to find mine but I’m thinking family costumes​:smile: we will look awesome :ghost::smiling_imp::japanese_ogre:




So what’s the costume then?