HappyHolidays outfit/character shop

HappyHolidays outfits/characters shop! :stuck_out_tongue:

Free outfits/Characters for Limelight ONLY :womans_clothes::tshirt::necktie::dress::jeans::kimono::bikini::high_heel::sandal::boot::mans_shoe::womans_hat::crown::tophat::school_satchel::eyeglasses::purse::dark_sunglasses::family_woman_woman_girl::couple_with_heart_woman_woman::family_man_woman_girl_boy::bride_with_veil:πŸ™…πŸΌπŸ’:pregnant_woman:t6:

Request details:
Style: (Limelight)
Sex: (Male / Famale)
Style: (Casual, Sexy, Formal,Party,Comfy… etc)
Number: (Number of outfits/character)
Notes: (If there’s a spacial request about the outfit/Character)

Sex: Female
Style: Tough bad girl
Number: 5
Notes: She is a werewolf so please add werewolf ears to her


Do you want 5 characters or 5 outfits or both

5 outfits, take your time. :smiley: