Hard-ish Decision (no idea where this topic goes)

I am having a long thought all over again. I made a topic long ago when I posted a poll to see if my story should be LL or Ink. Truth Behind Closed Doors is my story and so far I have only reached three episodes because I lacked the motivation to continue it in the Ink style. I have no idea why, but I’m stuck. A demo about it was recently posted last month, I think? I got a good review on it, but goodness it is hard to continue it in the ink style for some reason. Originally, I wanted to do ink in season one so season two could be in LL. What should I do!? It’s hard when LL is tempting to work with. I’m so confused! :cold_sweat::sob::weary:

Can you guys tell me what is the best style to write in and some reasons why like reads and quality and stuff? Perhaps, that may help my decision.

Do whats best for you, you will get reads with both INK and LL.
I notice a lot of people move to LL because there is more clothes to pick form.
Try doing it in LL and if that helps then go with it.


LL is so aesthetic

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I really like ink and ll the same, but i would prefer if you do maybe it ink for season one and then ll two? It really hurts the temptations i know. But maybe if you work with ink just a bit more you’ll like the style in the end? I don’t know its just a suggestion.

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Ink is pretty good and unique, but if you want an aesthetic look, definitely choose Limelight. Also Limelight is the only one that now gets updates, so a lot of writers have been switching to Limelight.

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I was thinking that too since I adore both. It’s so hard but I guess it may just be the updates talking and that some people were saying LL has been getting more reads. Perhaps, people would appreciate both more when both styles are in the same storyline. That’s one of my hopes while doing this.

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