Haris's 5 Step Lip Drawing Tutorial



Hey guyss! I’ve made a 5 step easy tutorial for lip drawng and shading! I’m new to digital drawing, but I’ve been drawing for quite some years irl, so I think I can learn pretty fast. It is really easy and I will explain everything step by step!

Okay so this is the finished image so you can see every step more clearly…


And this is the image that will guide you through shading and highlighting


Step 1:
Draw 2 circles next to each other for the mid section of the top lip, Then draw to other circles next to each other, either the same size or a bit bigger, for the bottom lip. I don’t suggest making the bottom lip circles smaller then the top ones, beacuse it is much more appealing to the eye the other way. Then move to the outer corners of the top lip and draw to smaller circles at each corner to define the edges of the top lip. You could do that for the bottom lip as well but I find it easier that way.

Step 2:
Once you’ve created the basic shapes of the lips, pic a base color and keep it in the corner for later. Then pic a darker color and draw the outline, following the flow of the circles. Then line the middle part where the bottom and top lips meet, followng the flow of the circles once again. If it doesn’t look right make some adjustments that will look better to you. The outline doesn’t always turn out the way you’d think at step 1.

Step 3:
After you’re happy with lining, take the base color you’ve previously saved and fill the outlines without overlining the actual outline.

Step 4:
Pick the darker shade again and make sure the opacity and flow of the brush aren’t harsh. They need to be soft so that you can work your way around shading. Follow the green guides now: First start by slowly “combining” the base and the darker color on the outline using a brush at first (not blur or smudge). Then start shading the three triangles at the center of the lips, making sure the are softly blended with the base color. And by that I mean focus on shading more intensely, as you go closer to the line that the top and bottom lips meet. The blending you did only with the brush doesn’t have to be perfect. Use the blur tool to finish the base and make it all smooth.

Step 5:
For the final step it’s details. Pick a slightly darker color than the dark shade you were already using and follow the green guides. Shade softly, once again, the line that the top and bottom lips meet and then shade the very bottom of the lip for dimension. For highlights, pick a lighter shade than the base color and follow the yellow guides. Make sure that the highlight isn’t too intense, beacuse it won’t look natural. For the top lip highlight fill the whole heart shaped yellow guide and slightly drag the color at the sides of the heart with your brush, following the shape of the lips, by using an even lower opacity. As for the bottom lip, highlight very softly following the two triangle guides working the intensity towards the center like we did with the shade at step 4, but don’t touch the center with highlight. Just get close enough so it looks natural. To finish it up use the blur tool and softly blend the edges of the shades and highlights.

That’s it guys! Step 4 and and 5 were only long so I can explain exactly what I’m doing, not because they’re hard. I made my lips matte because I haven’t perfected the ‘‘Glossy’’ lips, so if you want to add gloss you should definitely do it! I hoped I helped with this tutorial and also feel free to send me your creations! I would LOVE to see them!!! :heart:

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cant see the images…im confused


Welp, here’s my bad attempt:



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Well, yours is so much better than mine


No yours is great!


Eh, not really


thats goood


I’m sorry to hear that… Do these show up?




It’s not bad at all! It is a really great attempt! Well done :heart:


First of all I love the selection of color palette it really is eye popping. It’s also a really great attempt and I see you added your own personal touch on the top lip! Beautiful :heart:


Thank you!


I am going to use this!!


I will starts as soon as I gt my ipad fixed :two_hearts:


Of course! Be sure to send your creation, I’d love to see it! :heart:


Could you do other tutorials ?
This is great !


Thank you so much! I would love to do more tutorials if they seem helpful! Would you like to suggest anything?


Would perhaps a Nose tutorial I just created be helpful?