Haris's 6 Step Nose Drawing Tutorial

Heyy guys!! I’m back with a quick 6 step tutorial about drawing a nose. It is I must say, a little harder than my previous tutorial, but it still isn’t too hard! This tutorial is kind of self explanatory, but I’ll try my best to give instructions throughout!

Here is the finished image where you can see everything clear:

And here is the guide picture that will help you create your own version:

Step 1:
First of all, pick your base color and draw the basic shapes of the nose. You need to end up with a placement of 3 circles and 2 triangles like step 1 at the picture shows.

Step 2:
Assuming that the nose will be put on a face, with the base color and the oppacity turned down, draw the "background’’ (base shade of the nose, but also base shade of the rest of the face) just as much as the basic shapes can show through. Essential step: Pick a pink-ish undertone if you’re drawing on a lighter skin tone (it won’t show up as intense as in step 2, at the end), and draw with it on the tip of the nose as seen in the picture, (this step is essential, because if you’re drawing on a dark skin tone, the redness doesn’t appear).

Step 3:
Choosing a darker shade than the base one, softly draw the outline of the nose, including the nostrils (non detailed) and then choose the base color to draw over any excess lines from the basic shapes.

Step 4:
(Mostly self explanatory) Using the darker shade you used for the outline, draw, with a bigger brush, a more natural shade on the outline of the nose, by sort of “dragging” the shade, following the green arrows. Also, draw a soft shade right above the tip of the nose, where the green guide is placed, to give the effect of an upturned nose if you’d like. After you’ve done all of the above, blur everything following the shape of the nose.

Step 5:
By picking a slightly darker shading color and lowering the opacity even more draw clearer and firmer lines right where the green arrows are (check the original image to get a clearer view of where those lines are). Then by picking an even darker shading color, (the one I’m using is “Extra dark shading shade”) draw shade at the ends of the sides of the nose and underneath the center, where the red guides are placed. (also check the original image to get a clearer view of where the shade is placed). Then pick a highlighting shade not too light and draw some highlights, where the yellow guides are (do not forget to keep a low opacity for both highlight and shade). For the nostrils keep an eye on the lower left corner for a tip to make your life easier. Turn the opacity up a bit and make your brush a bit firmer (and smaller of course). Use a dark shade for the nostrils (mine is “Nostrils shade”). Draw the outline as seen in the picture and then use a slightly darker shade than the previous one, to shade the “c” shaped corners of the nostrils. Finally blur a little the shades and highlights (not the nostrils) for a more natural result.

Step 6:
I know, finally! Lower the opacity and pick your base color to fill in the pink guides, if all the shading made it a bit to dark. Blur if needed. Then pick a lighter highlighting shade than the one you used at step 5 and fill the blue triangle and oval shaped guides for the final glow. That step doesn’t need bluring after if your brush has low opacity, but if you still think it does, feel free to use some!

Tip: You could add freckles if you know how to! I don’t know yet, but it would be so cool if someone does!

That’s the end! Oof, that was quite long… But I really hope it was helpful! If you do end up creating your own version, It would be awesome if you post it or pm it, so I can see it! I love seeing your creations! Have fun :blush::heart:

Link to my previous tutorial:


I’ll definitely try this later!

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You’re really talented :DD

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So glad to hear that! Post or pm me your outcome, I’d love to see it!!!

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You are very welcome! It feels so great that you’re commenting on my post

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Thank you so much, I appreciate it! :heart:

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