Harriet's Covers/Splashes Request Thread Ink/Limelight (CLOSED)

Hi guys, I’m quite new to the editing scene and I wish to improve my skills, I’ll be taking requests for small/large covers and splashes.

I can edit in both Ink and Limelight style.

I will do THREE edits a week, it is first come first serve.


1. No hate please, I’m new to this and just trying to learn, also these take time and this is just a hobby, NOT a job.

2. You can pick the outfit but include ALL outfit details.

3. Custom tattoos can be added to the edits but please give a picture for reference.

4. Also make sure to CREDIT ME for my work, use my instagram to tag me if you post and to tag as either a reader message or at the beginning/end of your story. IF YOU DO NOT CREDIT, I WILL REPORT, edits do not take long and you should give credit where credit’s due.

5. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE ALL CHARACTER DETAILS IN THE FORM GIVEN. Don’t forget to include any extra details you want added, also add a screenshot on how you wish your character to look for reference.

Copy and paste the form below and add in your character details.

Character Detail Form:

Character Style: Ink or Limelight
Skin Colour:
Hair Style:
Hair Colour:
Brow Shape:
Brow Colour:
Eye Shape:
Eye Colour:
Mouth Shape:
Mouth Colour:
Nose Shape:
Face Shape:
Additional Features: (tattoos, beauty marks, scars, freckles, etc)

Also please include any pictures of specific background you want used, also include the poses in which you would like your characters in. Also include the title of your story if it is a cover.

Tell me what text you want to see on your edit as well.


If you wish any parts of the edit to be made into overlays (eg. the characters or writing) then ask and I can include the overlays for you.

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I hope you like your edit.




I was wondering if you could help me out :thinking:

Yes, of course, let me know what it is you want.

Thank you so much

I’ll message you

It’ll be easier

Character Detail Form:

Can it say this:::
This story contains mature themes and strong languages. You have been warned baby.

*Character Style: Ink
*Skin Colour:Toffee
*Hair Style: Straight
*Hair Colour: Charcoal
*Brow Shape: Seductive arch
*Brow Colour:
*Eye Shape: Almond Luxe
*Eye Colour:Taupe
*Mouth Shape: Full Round
*Mouth Colour:Black
*Nose Shape:Upturned
*Face Shape:Oval
*Additional Features: (tattoos, beauty marks, scars, freckles, etc) tattoo on arm sleeve. Piercing on nose and ear and eyebrow.




Also please include any pictures of specific background you want used, also include the poses in which you would like your characters in. Also include the title of your story if it is a cover

I’ll get this done for you

Hi may i request something?

If so…
Character Details Skin: fair, Brow: defined natural, hair: straight bob (fawn), eyes: upturned bold (taupe), face: oval, nose: elven, lips: blossom (orange crush) ADDITIONAL: freckles!


may it say: “Kneeslapper” for the title and in bold handwriting


thats it thx


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Sorry but when you say bold handwriting, do you mean capitals or cursive handwriting?

Capitals please!~

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Body- Tan
Brow- Thin Arch
Hair- Short Cropped Hair (Black)
Eyes- Classic Round (Green)
Face- Defined Triangle
Nose- Button
Lips- Classic (Terracotta)

Ace’s Outfit
Ripped Punk Pants
VNeck Tshirt (Black)
Stitch Boots (Black)
Cool Leather Jacket

Brow- Defined Natural
Hair- Straight (Black)
Eyes- Upturned Bold (Green)
Face- Oval
Nose- Elven
Lips- Classic (Bordeaux)

Amiee’s Outfit
Slit Skirt (Black)
Black Ridged Moto Jacket
Dark Red with Gold Zipped Crop Top
Black Military Chic Boots
Black Boho Feather Earrings




Dangerous Love
By: Ariday

@ORLA1991 This is your edit, it is at 640 x 1136 so it is one zone background size.

I’ve done as best as I can, hope you like it xx

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OMG I love it!!! thank you soooo much!!!

What’s your Instagram?

Glad you like it xxx

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I have one more edit to complete and then I’ll open again, so probably tomorrow or Saturday

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