Harry Potter and Snape

Ok, so I’m currently re-reading Harry Potter and I’m not all the way through yet but I was just thining about how weird Snape was acting in that book.

Now before I get into this, this is about the book NOT the movie so please be aware that I’m talking about that. Also this is going to be long because I have a lot to say on this.


Okay so we start off with Snape hating Harry because of his dad and having a totally non-biased teaching opinion. Then Quirrel starts wearing a Turban (which we all know has Voldemort in it). The story leads us to believe that Snape is the one trying to get the Philosophers Stone, because he was threatening Quirrel to tell him the answer to the protection he put to protect the stone. Later in the book Harry’s playing his first Quidditch and he basically almost gets knocked off his broom because Quirrel is controlling it. Hermione sees Snape muttering under his breath and looking straight at Harry. As she goes over to set fire to his robes, totally not over the top, she bumps into Quirrel. We later find out that Snape was actually muttering the counter-curse and Quirrel was the one cursing it.

Then way later, we hear Quirrel finally giving in to Snape about the Stone. Then Harry and the gang get by all these enchantments to protect the stone (which is already weird because they are FIRST YEARS solving puzzles that were meant for VOLDEMORT). Then we find out that Quirrel was the evil one NOT Snape, but do we actually ever find out why Snape was threatening Quirrel, trying to get to the stone? I can’t seem to remember if we do. If anyone knows PLEASE tell me because this has been on my mind for a while.

Thank you for reading, sorry if it makes no sense, I tend to ramble.

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