Harry Potter Fan Thread

Hello everybody!

I know Harry Potter is one of the biggest fandoms out there, and I have talked with a lot of you about the story, so I decided to create this thread for us to chat, discuss, share headcanons and more. I hope you like it.

What house are you in?
I’m a Slytherin/Ravenclaw (but I identify with the latter)


Ravenclaw here! :wave:t2::grin:

I’m currently playing the app Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and so far I’m really enjoying it, and of course I was sorted into Ravenclaw (because I chose it lol).


Nice to see a fellow Ravenclaw :3
I’m also playing it and I’m intrigued by a lot of things haha, from the coding to the actual mystery from the storyline. How far into the story are you?


Wow! It’s surprising how many chose ravenclaw! I am also playing the App - Harry Potter : Hogwarts mystery. I am presently in devil’s snare death grip


I just downloaded it 2 days ago so I’m not that far into the story line yet. Right now I’m in flying glass learning how to mount my broom lol


I’m a ravenclaw. And a thunderbird.

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You are not so far, my sister already showed me memes, figured out hacks and cheats in the game (like clicking on house elf near the kitchen gives you an energy point).

No more spoilers :stuck_out_tongue: enjoy the game!


Has anyone got a Pottermore account?


Oh yes! I had like 5 of them back then lol! 2 were Ravenclaw and 3 were Slytherin. I wonder if I’m able to still log in to any of them… :thinking:

They have updated the site so old accounts don’t work but if they are made within the last three years then they should be fine.

Wheee ~ I’m almost in my second year on the app and I’m in Slytherin XD I guess Merula hates me more for being a disgrace

Uh I need to go into pottermore to look at my wand but my patronus is a Thestral

Oh man I haven’t been on Pottermore since the very first year it came out. I need to go back and see what it’s like now, maybe even create one more account haha

All your accounts will have been deleted so then you have to create new accounts

i recently got HArry POttEr: Hogwarts Mystery & tbh, i’m kinda disappointed in it.

i dislike the gameplay, like if you don’t have energy you can’t do anything in the app for at least like 20 minutes. and everything is already pointed out for you. the app tells you exactly what to do. you don’t figure out that there’s a quest in the Common Room, you get dragged over there and forced to click.

on a brighter note, i’m rereading The Marauders: Year One on Wattpad by Pengiwen and it is a must read for every HArry POttEr lover.
anshdjakakkakakakalalvdhekaj iTS jUst sO amaZinG. the writers is working on her master’s degree in Creative Writing so it’s also aMaziNGly written.


Umm, Gryffindor/Ravenclaw. I’m mostly a Ravenclaw!

I love Harry Potter! I’m a fellow Ravenclaw!

I’ve taken the tests so many times that I’ve gotten every house atleast once, but I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten Ravenclaw the most so yeah, I’m a Ravenclaw like a lot of you XD

And I’ve downloaded the app recently too. It’s cool.

Hufflepuff and proud! (Though I’ve gotten Ravenclaw twice)

I downloaded Hogwarts Mystery and j u s t

This is basically the beginning:

Me: breathes

Merula: yOu sUck aNd Im gOing to hAte You noW ok?!?

Me: w a t


Currently waiting for energy
Pottermore but me in Slytherin(its wat i chose in the game )…not sure how i feel about tht is it just me or is Snape ruder than normal in the game…especially considering A. Im slytherin and B. I have no relation to James or Harry

True that makes sense ;_; poor Snape that shall be my new headcanon ^^

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