Harry Potter, Witchcraft And Wizardy RP


RP Sheet,
NOTE: OC characters are allowed! Or a character from HP! :slight_smile:
And anything else you or your character has, such metamorphmagus, Animagus, or anything like that.

Roleplay sheet and the actual roleplay will be in this topic/roleplay/forum only.

Rules, No bullying
No trolling
And make sure to have fun!


Can I Be Draco Malfoy.
and also
Character: Alissa Barnes (Half-blood)
House: Gryfindor
Pet: Barn Owl (Lucy)
Personality: Blunt women who will tell you how she feels no matter what. Faithful, and Loyal. Doesn’t care for House Loyalty.


Hey there, there’s already a Harry Potter/Hogwarts RP here, so you may want to check it out? There is little to no use in having two RPs about the same topic, as it would divide the community
I case you have any issue or question, feel free to PM me ^-^


Hi! I am going to be a made up character from my imagination :blush:

Character: Eve
House: Gryffindor
Pets: Snowy Owl (Olivia)
Personality: sweet, charming, nice, friendly