Harsh Critic to Review my story

My story is called In the Hood, please DM me your reviews on Instagram at angelinaepisode, if you do not have one just review it on this thread thank you :slight_smile:

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hi do you still need someone to review your story if so i will gladly do it and could you also read my story in return

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I can do it but I will tomorrow as I’m about to go to bed I will read a min of 3 chapters sometimes more

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of course I’ll read your story what’s the title

I’ve done mine now I can put on my Instagram and tag you or I can privately DM you with my review completely up to you

whats your Instagram?


my story is called mental

you can post it on your page

whats your Instagram


although i am inactive

so it would be best to talk on private messages on here


Mine is all done and I tagged you on Instagram sorry it took so long had a very clingy baby lol

Hey, can i get a review on my new story its not published yet

I’d suggest making a new topic asking for reviews

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Oh ok.