Has a story made you cry?

For the first time, an Episode story, made me cry. This is an emotion I do not do easily. What was the story? Birds of Passage by Brooke Adair.
Awesome story. I had no idea I was so attached to my character until the tears started to fall.


Funny enough Birds Of Passage has been the only story I have actually cried reading as well.
The ending was killer but perfect at the same time. I wish it got more recognition than it gets, as it’s easily (my opinion) one of the best stories on the app.


Did you play it a second time? If so, was the story much better (since you knew what decisions to make)?

I don’t remember the name of the story, but it was about a girl with cancer who fell in love, and then died. So sad. I cried reading it


Tbh most anything written by @AlexLight has probably made me cry at least once. Her stories are just so incredibly well written and just tug on the heartstrings. The scene in Wild when Rose visited Caleb’s grave and begged him to let her go so that she could love Sebastian… god that had me bawling!


A story that has made me cry is A lot that I can’t name all of them. They were such good stories and they were so depressing I cried my eyeballs out. I think one I have cried to is Not Interested at the end of season One.


Stories do not make me cry. BUT THE MUSIC, OH IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! Makes me tear up so much. AHH


Juvie’s soundtrack just hits me right in the feels. Tbh its music sounds straight out of an indie coming-of-age film.


“In a Heartbeat” ? I need to read that one! :heart_eyes:

Dripping Mascara… :sob:

omw if you think you won’t cry, YOU ARE WRONG :sob:


Episode 19 of It’s just an illusion: captive from Miss MJ made me cry, especially at the end. :sob::sob::sob:


I read that one. It’s the story I was referring to in my earlier post. I loved it, but it’s so sad

"In a heartbeat"
Its the only episode story that made me cry

Speak by J, Miley
Love Me Black and Blue by Effy Ameer
Making Lemonade by Jorimar

have all made me cry.


Loving the Lost Boy and Maternal Instincts have truly made me cry!!!

Chain Reaction has made me cry!
I love it so much!

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Hell yeah stories make me cry especially dripping mascara!

Mothers Day: Dreanmland by: Mette M. Pelekis

I feel you but yes, certain stories managed to make me cry. Some of these being:

  • The Blacksmith by ERC
  • Love Me Black & Blue by Effy Ameer
  • Making Lemonade by Joriemar
  • Deep Attraction 2: Between Pride & Fate by LadyDianna
  • In A Heartbeat by Hannah D.
  • Write My Story by Susannah M.
  • Iridescent by Indigo

It upsets me how underrated some of these gems are :sob:


I usually try to avoid sad stories so I don’t think I ever read one that actually made me cry, but I’m pretty sure I felt a teardrop on my face when I finished Silhouettes by aprilish.
Beautiful story.