Has anyone been suspended or banned from Episode from disagreements via email?

I’m so happy they accepted it now!
I actually have the same problem so can you please tell me the email you contacted so i can do the same :blush:

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You do that through this link Episode Support

Sometimes it’s enough to upload same cover couple of times… well it worked with me since I’ve sent two emails to them and they replied to me two weeks after cover got accepted


Thank you so much :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: I’ll upload it again and see if it works and if not I’ll see if they will answer to me!
Hope it goes well

well I was never banned. If you will keep polite I dont see problem but I am not episode. Also if you have payed for the cover its weird… why fo they think its stolen​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Is it possible the author stole it or was drowing to closely to some refference which is not a free thing?

lol update I just have read the discussion so great its solved… I just would like to know why they have thought ist stolen I mean there are so many commissioned covers so how xan they know which is really commissioned and which is stolen?

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