Has anyone done this scene please

Hi I’m trying to do this scene. But I need help with the layer I can’t get my character to sit behind the others. Thank you in advance

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So you want him to sit in the desk behind the two characters?

can you please take a picture of that little below?

Well you would need a second overlay and when you spot it just use the layer -1 tool

is the desk an overlay, if not then its just a flat picture, this are not 3d invirements but a drawn picture.

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it depends if the desk you want him to sit behind is overlay

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You need a overlay

do you have overlay of the back table?

It’s in INT. classroom front OL-day and yes would like to see if I can get him to sit behind if I could

The tables are in the scene already.

Yes that’s what I’d like to try and do but he won’t move behind it

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Thank you I have added an overlay. And it’s worked thank you for your help :grin::+1:

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thats because its a picture. a drawing, you think its 3d like a doll house, but its not, its flat like a piece of papir. you are not able to put him behind it, because there is nothing to put him behind, you need to make an overlay and upload it

I recomand you to watch this video

(26) EPISODE: All about overlays - YouTube

btw, I am sorry if I seem rude, I am not good at explain things in a friendly way, its the landguage barrier,

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NP! happy to help :heart:

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