Has anyone else been seeing all the spam topics? *Ranting Thread*


Ok let’s me start, yes I know that you flag it as spam then move along. But let me say, that’s not what this thread is about. There has been so many spam topics since August 3rd. They’re usually something like BuNcHoFrAnDoMShIt2356906MoReRaNdOmShIt As the title then as details or whatever fhfjgdjgfjgdjgdjhfkydkhfhuipiew So has this been annoying anyone else? And I know the moderators and all can’t do any but it’s annoying af.

Weird topics?.... Sad forum topic
What is with all these bots?

I just flagged 3


Yep… Why would someone go to all that effort tho? That’s honestly, pretty childish.


They’re robots I’m pretty sure


What would happen if we were to reply on these topics?


I’m just curious to know what a robot would say :rofl:


It receives attention and they make more cause that post recieved attention and they know that causes “appeal”


They wouldn’t say anything lmao


Welp, I’m supposed to go to bed. Have fun with the spam bots guys! :sweat_smile::sweat:


I was about to write:

“You have too much time on your hand! Why not work on a story in the meantime and practice directing instead of spending all your effort into this? It would certainly give you much better results!” but I decided to leave this…it’s no use, they will not stop.

Perhaps they think it’s fun-but hey, they’re wasting THEIR time-if they gotta do this.




You are correct. They are just spam bots. Best thing to do is just report and move on. They aren’t usually actual people.


You may be right-humans can’t possibly do this multiple times and keep doing it-the same repetitive thing-boy is there stamina for spamming high-obviously robots is the only explanation and their leader is someone who’s phone glitched during episode and never worked again-so they decided to amass an army of robots to attack the forums and slowly send messages into our brains…

Ok, I’m kidding around lol but seriously, @Purple_Ghost is probably right-they’re most likely spam bots-and honestly, it’s gotta stop since it’s happened multiple times : (

Why do spam bots exist?

Idk… I liked the first explanation better…


These are indeed spam topics created by bots. Flagging them is very helpful to the staff members as the system doesn’t always catch them. :wink:


Honestly, I prefer those innocent spam threads compared to the scam threads that were opening a few months back saying that they could fix your love life through dark magic if you called a certain number :sweat_smile: The mods took care of that back then, I’m sure they’ll find a way to stop these new spam threads eventually.


I flagged them. At first I was scared, but then I just realized it was spam bots.




That was scary.


Those are actually what some of them are