Has anyone else been seeing all the spam topics? *Ranting Thread*


So I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it is definitely the place it has been infected by. So It has been 2 weeks since the last time I have been on here, and all of sudden there’s a bunch of bots that creates a lot unnecessary topics. Anyone that knows something?

(Btw, this comment was for a thread I made myself since I didn’t know this topic already had a thread so it was moved over here)


I know, they are sooo annoying.
Just flag them, there’s nothing else we can do. Don’t reply to their posts because the attention makes them post more.


How do the bots work


That’s difficult to explain (mostly because English is not my first language :sweat_smile: )
If they get attention(replies, likes, …) they’ll post more because they’re programmed that way. I saw them in other forums too, they just spammed a lot until the IP-addresses were finally banned, but they could also have changing IPs, that would make the whole issue more complicated


Thank you! Just curious whats ur 1st language?


When I went to new topics there were literally 5 spam posts above yours


German :sweat_smile:


Ikrrrr they’re so annoying :roll_eyes:


Can’t episode just block this bots IP address too? :sweat_smile:


If they are changing all the time, it would get really difficult.
And I don’t know if they are doing anything right now, I think they just wait and hope they’ll go away by themselves.


I hope so too :neutral_face:


Yeah all the topics are about realashionships


I haven’t seen any.


OMG i swear these people are so irritating why are they even making thread like this?


Bumping before closed


I saw one about abortion pills once.


I saw one about killing someone with black magic


Oh god.

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