Has Anyone Else Found That Episode Gem Options Are Being Taken Too Far? (:

I mean, Episode has recently released the ‘Early Access’ for all community authors to use on their stories. I’ve just started reading a story that has been COMPLETED with nearly 60 chapters for quite a while. It’s been completed for so long that the sequel has already been published and has 20 or so chapters out! I started reading the sequel but went back to read the original first to help myself understand the story a bit better. I’m now at the end of chapter 9 and there’s an early access choice :expressionless: I mean…The author has finished the story and has now gone back to add early access’ to the story just because the feature is now available (:

I know that this isn’t too bad but it’s till really irritating. I try to finish completed stories within a week or two since if I spend any longer on them I get bored (:

Some other examples of gems being taken too far…

  • There’s a story I read a few days ago where the support the author choice was 15 gems :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I mean? I’m happy that it wasn’t any higher than that but I would of thought it would be lower to have more people able to afford it?

  • There’s some stories that feel like Episode Originals since there are choices similar to these =

Your going to a romantic date with the LI. What do u want to wear?
15 Gems = A gorgeous outfit perfect for the occasion

Free = Something embarrassing and not fit for a romantic date night
i.e = image

Or You have a fashion show to attend and model for. What are u going to wear?

15 Gems = A garment made by the most luxurious fashion designer
Free = A clown’s outfit fit for a kids party

What sort of choices have u come across that are greedy for gems and have a rubbish free option? Have u seen any choices that have massive gem choices (15 gems+) and if so what was the choice? (:


i’ve come across a choice where there is no free option. i was super confused bc i don’t know if that’s even allowed lol. both were like 35 gems too… needless to say i stopped reading


Oh my :joy: Idk how the author expected people to read past that choice. I would join u and stop reading at that point :sweat_smile:


I mean I don’t think the support the author choices that are high are that bad since it doesn’t affect your reading but there was a trending story that I read and it felt like there was more than an episode featured/original. And it was the same kind of choices, like wear the stinky trash bag or pay gems to wear something you already own. And obviously ones to impress the LI and make it to work on time. I couldn’t get through two minutes of it. :woman_facepalming:


Yeah, I mean there’s a reason people don’t tend to read Episode Originals unless they’re in need of the 1 gem reward :joy: I’m one of those people who will spend time tracking down the original story and read that instead of the Episode Original version of it :rofl:


Yep, I only do it for the gems and the wishlist. :relieved:




it isnt.


yea i didn’t think so. i can’t remember the story but i def should’ve reported :confused:


It definitely would go against gem rules if they did that on purpose but it could also be a bug (I hope so). Episode has had this problem come up twice in the stories they have featured. :woman_shrugging: Someone sent in a ticket and got gems to continue. If not that is really greedy, like why do you think someone would continue when you have a choice like that.


Ikr… it’s super frustrating. And I feel like a jerk just putting optional gem choices at the end of my story :woozy_face:. I’ve just stopped reading stories that have gem choices similar to what OP said. I don’t mind if it’s something like buying points (as long as not buying points has no effect), or a support the author, or a bonus scene (with no effect on the plot). I’m just picky because I hoard gems… Iike feeling rich


Yeah I know what you mean when you mentioned the expensive support the author choices. I don’t think they’re all that bad since they’re optional. But I would only ever make my own support buttons 5 gems. Just to be nice :man_shrugging:


Same. I rarely spend them because I feel like I have accomplished something with lots of gems. :joy:

My gem hoardings

It doesn’t look like much now since I used to have 400 and something. :joy:


Wow, u are doing a great job at saving the gems! :anguished:


Yeah, I always try to binge read their stories when it gives me passes.


I feel inferior :frowning: I only have like 262 gems I think…


early access doesn’t bother me because it’s paying for new content. I don’t really mind the pay to skip the wait option as long as it’s not excessive, but it is kind of a bummer when that completed content used to be free. I rarely binge read though.

I don’t mind any of the high support the author choices, though I don’t think it’s strategic to give only a 15 gem option because most people won’t click on it. It’s better to do 5, 8, 12, etc. tho iirc 15 was the default when this system was implemented so people may have just not specified the amount.

What I don’t like is people charging gems for content that is available for free in the portal or a template that was created by someone else and is available for free. People who charge to CC using Dara’s basic template or charge for “premium” outfits (which are all clothes that are free in the portal) I think are taking advantage of people. I don’t like gem choices that lock plot relevant content either, but I find that to be another choice that isn’t strategic because it will tick people off. Howver, it’s not creating profit off of other people’s work or taking advantage of people wanting to wear outfits that aren’t ugly by making them pay for stuff we already have.

I know people can charge for those things and they’re not violating rules by doing that, but I find it…questionable at best. Whereas for charging early access, bonus content, art scenes, as well the the typical support choices & points top ups, is more than fair, regardless of whether I want to spend my gems on those things.


What should I feel now ?

I only have 2 gems …I guess I am not good at saving gems

I just get tempted when there is bonus scene or to support the sstory which I mostly like.


I’m with u there :joy: I can’t save gems for the life of me :rofl:


I feel that lol. I got over 70 gems by playing the Demi Lovato story. So if you haven’t already played the first book of that series… READ. You get gems for doing random sh*t lol