Has Anyone Else Found That Episode Gem Options Are Being Taken Too Far? (:

In one of the new featured stories I saw such a weird gem option, that I just HAVE to mention. The story is called ‘Pembrook Prep’ and when we meet the first LI (Colleen) we can either:
29 gems: Tell her our name,
Free: Burp in her face.

What the fock ? This is by far the most ridiculous gem choice I saw in a featured story :woman_facepalming:


I came across this today in Racing Hearts. I haven’t seen anyone else mention it but 1. I feel the choices are way too expensive and 2. I don’t actually think this should be a gem choice to begin with anyway because the car Ford is offering to MC is her deceased brother’s car that he’d been working on fixing for a year and the story stems from her wanting to avenge her brother, Marcus. It’s incredibly insensitive to even suggest that telling him to send it to the junkyard should be the only choice if you cannot afford the gems.
Yes… I’m aware I have a lot of gems, but that’s besides the point.

Also hits closer to home since I had a brother who died in a car crash and the remains of his car are here, at home.


Erm… I don’t know if any of you are aware of this and thus the thread is titled like that… But authors weren’t the one who added wait gem choices in their completed stories. It was an episode feature which they implemented. Anyone, if I’m wrong please correct me so that I’ll know. :expressionless:

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You’re right, authors aren’t necessarily the ones who’ve decided to implement it into their stories.
I personally don’t have the option to choose to add the 11 hour wait time, I only have the Early Access option, but then again, I don’t know if some authors have the option presented to them or not. :thinking:

Update: I’ve just seen an author say they have the option to use the 11 hour wait time instead of Early Access. So…


I think it’s still in the stages of beta testing with larger authors (hence why many people are coming across them). I do think the authors have the option to opt out of testing but I’m not sure many would turn it down… the main issue is that these days episodes beta testing only seems to happen for a short amount of time before they implement. So I’m guessing it won’t be long before every author has this option…


I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while now lol. I know that gem choices have unfortunately become an integral part of community stories, but I don’t think we should overdo some options either. The gem choice that bothers me the most is the one for clothes. Like, why should I have to spend 5-15 gems on outfits that are available to everyone? If I stopped reading the original Episode stories it’s for this reason. And it bothers me even more when the gem choice is “unlock this outfit to drive the LI crazy”, and the second choice is an ugly outfit. It’s too ridiculous, even more so when the MC wears that outfit for just 5 minutes :skull:

The only useful choices I spend my gems on, are for example to buy points, support the author etc…