Has anyone ever understood their parents?!

That’s completely understandable. My friends from school hate him, my coworkers hate him, even some of my family that lives in the next state and none of these people have met him.


no tbh, they’re amazing people that do the best for my brother and i even if we know they aren’t rich (we’re stable and happy though, so we’re all just thriving rn), but i suppose it’s just me not being able to sympathize with them?

i mean, i got the belt more probably because i was a pretty bratty kid, but now they act like it never happened when i bring it up? and they have problems that they talk to me about, but i’m the youngest so i’m trying to get far away from that.

and the only time they want to talk, is when i’m not in the mood. when i try to talk to them, they (mostly) don’t listen which ends up with them being pissed off at me.

but it’s better now. i know when it’s time to head out, and stfu. they don’t disrespect my boundaries and my personal space (for the most part), and they are much better all in all. but of course, my brother is acting out so it’s hard for everybody🥴


It would be weird if anyone did. I will never and I am glad that I won’t because I don’t want to become anyone like them or my potential future children would hate me. I can’t wait to cut them out of my life if I am being honest because they are quite toxic but I put up with it. If I didn’t then I would have nothing to live off as a young teen without them.


Anyone who has experienced getting whooped as a child can relate to the “this hurts me more than it hurts you” or “you know I didn’t want to hurt you.” Like what did they expect us to say? I remember standing ther so confused 🧍🏽‍♀️💀


I am sorry you have parents like that. Glad to say say i cant relate.

Also for the future dont give your parents your money. Its yours,


I never wish to give them money as I was saving it because I will be moving out soon. But they always take money from account. And they are quite toxic. That’s why I just don’t give a f*ck about what they have to say.

I can relate!! They still hit me, I just stopped getting bothered by their beating and abusing.

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@iDiOt_SaNdWhIcH it’s good that they don’t disrespect your boundaries. At my home, no one knows what respecting a boundary is :roll_eyes:

@bakedpotato exactly!! Even I want to get away from them and live a happy life! I don’t want to become like my parents the definition of perfect toxic!!

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My parents and I have a complicated relationship. When I was a kid (okay, not really a kid, but ages 9-13) we were kind of happy, we argued a lot, but other than that we were kind of okay. After I turned 13, I set boundaries. They were not allowed to do anything to my personal life, but they were allowed to intervene only in health and school life. After I turned 16, my mom turned into the dictionary definition of helicopter parent after my mental health went downhill and my dad stopped getting involved because of my mom’s newfound suffocation. I turned 18 and, just like most kids who go to college, distanced myself. I visited them on Thanksgiving break, half of winter break, and spring break. I hung out with my friends and everyone else and called them once a month. Eventually, my mom cooled down and came to the conclusion that I was ignoring the daily “Do you need anything?” texts for a reason. After that, I was perfectly fine, and we kind of went back to how I was as an early teen.

I kind of get it, but it was rough for a while. I guess you have to remember that they love you and they just want what’s best for you in the future.

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Your story is so beautiful!! Let’s see how my story goes haha.

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Growing up I’ve realized what traits I get from my parents. My sister is very talkative and short tempered which she gets from my dad. However, I have something of both of my parents that I really wish I didn’t have.

I wish I wasn’t as silent as my mom. I know my worth and I know I can speak up but there is always something blocking me to do so. I’ve also noticed physically my mom has that problem as well. Which makes it hard for me to speak with me dad and not end up fighting because I constantly want to have a say but I end up sounding stupid.

I’m also stubborn like my dad. I’m always saying how I can things without help. There were times were my dad and i wouldn’t talk for months because of a stupid fight. We end up refusing to even look at each other, as if we are waiting for one of us to apologize.

Right now I haven’t spoken to my dad in a month and here’s the reason.

I have severe nose bleeds, I could just be texting or on my phone and i’ll feel bleed running down. There was a day where the bleeding wouldn’t stop. I was frustrated. My older sister then had the audacity to say, “You have so much time to be on Episode yet you can’t come upstairs to eat.” All because I said, “I can’t eat right now, my nose is bleeding.”

This annoyed me. Anyone would have reacted annoyed if someone were to say that to them. Mind you I’m the youngest in an Asian household. Whenever I made jokes my sister would always take them to heart and I’d get in big trouble.

Now here’s the real reason I’m not talking to my dad. I started getting mad that my sister had said that. My mom came downstairs to ask what’s wrong cuz she heard me nagging. My sister came downstairs and starts yelling at me saying,


Also, my nose was still bleeding. She tried to attack me (My sister and I have been in many physical fights before) but my mom stopped her. It was like I was at fault, because i was offended at a joke?

My dad came downstairs and already starting pointing fingers. He obviously targeted me. Again my nose was still bleeding. He called me an idiot, a troublemaker, then he stated,

You get mad at the smallest things.

Smallest things? I’m getting dizzy because of how much blood I’m losing and I’m getting bashed on while in this situation yet it’s a small thing?

It’s been a month and he has the audacity walk around the house waiting for an apology.

Guys please tell me what to do.

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That’s so bad!! Why can’t I stop crying :sob: Damn!! I can relate to this so much! How can your dad and sister have that amount of attitude?! To be honest my mom, dad and younger sister have the same kind of attitude!! I asked for mom’s Wi-Fi and she just scolded me and left. If my sister asks for it then she always give her. Mom and dad always cut me off by saying “You are big now”. When it becomes too much to handle, I cry! Then they will “You are not small to cry”. It’s like I am the oldest daughter so I have to be understanding for everything and don’t have a say in it. And like you even I and my dad have fights where we don’t talk for months. I always have to apologise though most of the times it’s his mistake!! I don’t have a solution for you because I am going through the same. I am so sorry for you :pensive:

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it’s also cuz I’m the youngest that automatically,

I’m in the wrong.

I feel like the toxicity in this family is just too much for me. It really makes me worry for my future.

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I can say the same for me. It has become difficult to stay with them. Just when I thought I got time, they have ruin it.

I also stopped letting them get to me too much because I am afraid I might become like them.

I take mobile for at least 20 minutes in the morning, evening and night. And they say I use mobile a lot. My brain will be damaged due to that. But it’s okay if they use mobile for more than 2 hours at a time. Their brains won’t be damaged :clapping: God Blessed them and not me with that super power :expressionless:

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I’m also afraid I might become them as well. It really hurts me to know that even when I’m at my worst, they’ll still treat me like sh*t.

At this point, I give up, I have no idea what to do

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Same :frowning_face:

Talk to your bank and get change bank details

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I will be doing it soon!!

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