Has anyone gotten their backgrounds approved today?

I’ve been waiting for days. I want to know when they’ll approve backgrounds next.

yeah, I got some approved, I think the contest is still going on. So if yours haven’t been approved yet, that’s why, and so, don’t worry, they will approve it.


when is the contest entry due date?

January 22nd, 2019.

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you can check the thread out here.

oh wow that’s like 20 days away it shouldn’t take that long to approve backgrounds

hm, i think this is the due date, not sure.

The submission window is 8 weeks. Your story must be published no later than 11:59pm Pacific Time on Monday, January 28th, 2019.

they have to get organize and deal with stuff for the contest, yeah it may take a while for backgrounds to be approve, but your just going to have to wait I guess.

It can sometimes take weeks for backgrounds to be approved, it depends how large an amount have been submitted for review.

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why though

its a contest, it always happens that way.

Oh god I totally forgot about the contest, I started the write the story but then I wanted to edit an old story and forgot about the contest :no_mouth: :joy:

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a contest shouldn’t interfere with other authors though. it’s so unfair to other authors who are waiting to complete their stories.

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every month they do a contest, and the same thing happens over, and over again.


i know right. They need to have a team of secttions thats say:

  1. for contest, so they focus on that

  2. background approvals, so we wont have to wait long for it to be approved.

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I hope they will be more organized this year…:thinking:

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I agree. I’m literally dying inside because my favorite story is waiting for background approvals lol.



omg I agree they are so disorganized I hope they hire more people

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