Has anyone had trouble with the "text message" format in their scripts?

I’m currently working on a story, and I was relieved to find out you can just switch your format to “text format” in your script if you want to show two characters texting.
I looked into it before trying it, and I saw a few people saying their story started to glitch, or the story got all weird afterward.
Has this happened to you? How could I avoid it if I were to want to do the text formatting to make my life easier? I am so scared to mess up my story! lol

I’ve read stories with text format recently and it was fine! I didn’t experience any glitch!

I use ‘set format phonetext’ and when I need my story to go back to normal I use ‘set format cinematic’ in the script before the next scene. I’ve never had an issue.

As others have mentioned, I haven’t ever had an issue. It should be okay! :wink:

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