Hate curving zooms? I found a fix for them


I’ve seen people ask about curving zooms and it never seemed like there was a good answer for it. It wasn’t a problem I really came across often while writing. Until last night.

I was writing a scene where it was zoomed in at the start and I wanted it to slowly zoom out to normal while I had the narrator bubble going. At first I couldn’t figure it out and after some messing around with it I found a fix!

So for example, let’s say my first zoom is this.

&zoom on 200 500 to 200% in 0

Now naturally to zoom out slowly I wanted to try this, but it curves as it zooms out.
&zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 10

So the solution is to use the same numbers as your first zoom and only change the % to 100.

Non curving zoom.
&zoom on 200 500 to 100% in 10

I assume this works while zooming in too, just do the 100% zoom first and then your actual zoom after. I haven’t tested that out thought.

Problem with zoom

So this is something I posted a while back on the old forums about curved zooms and how to avoid them:

Curves only happen when you’re zoomed in at a spot and then zoom in/out to a totally different spot with different x y and %, and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

The only times zooms go in a straight linear path is:

  • when you’re zoomed out at default (100%) then zoom into any spot
  • when you’re zoomed in at a spot then zoom to a spot with the same %
  • when you’re zoomed in at a spot then zoom in/out to the same exact x and y coordinates but only change the %


Awesome! I had no idea. I joined the forums right when they switched so I guess I never saw that post.


thank you for this @Rune.episode, :weary::orange_heart: definitely a life saver :)!


No problem :grin: I feel like I still learn new things every week lol.