Have a character appear suddenly in script

I see there is a remove character code, however I want to know can you add a character.

This scene is where my main character is talking to herself and her best friend’s words come into her memory, I would like the readers to visually see that and that effect of it popping into her head. If I was just to do the spot directing it doesn’t give the same effect.

Can anyone help?

To make a character suddenly appear on screen just spot it :slight_smile: For example:
@CHARACTER spot 1 160 0

If you don’t want to use the spot command and want the character to appear gradually:

  1. Save as image your BG from the art catalog
  2. Convert it to PNG if needed
  3. Upload it as an overlay
  4. place it in your scene with the opacity set to 1, the character on a higher level and the best friend in a lower level
    For example:
    Friend in layer 1
    Overlay in layer 2
    Character in layer 3
  5. wait for the moment your friend should appear, and use the following command:
    &overlay OVERLAY opacity 0 in [seconds]

It should look better :blush:

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Why would you have to convert it to a PDF?

When you upload it to episode, they only accept PNG as far as I know

PNG*** :joy::joy::joy:
Sorry, it was a Monday morning for me, my brain was turned off :joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile:

Thank you.

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