Have a character walk to a spot while doing something

I want to do something like, @CHAR walks to spot 0.85 160 170 but I want them to do it while walk_rear. Is there any way to put it together?

@CHARACTER walks to [spot] and CHARACTER faces [direction] and CHARACTER does it while [animation]

Keep in mind that when you have a character do any rear animation, you need to make them face the opposite direction that you actually want them to face. So if you want your character to face left while doing a rear animation, you need to make them face right.

I don’t know why, but it doesn’t work. My character just teleports to the spot.

Could it be a problem with the web viewer?

What does your script look like?

this is part of it:
&cut to zone 2
&IRISUNNAMED stands screen center AND IRISUNNAMED is startled_surprised
@transition fade in white 0.5
@pause for a beat
@IRISUNNAMED faces left
IRISUNNAMED (idle_rear)
(Finally, a way out.)

@IRISUNNAMED walks to spot 0.85 160 170 and IRISUNNAMED faces left and IRISUNNAMED does it while walk_rear

Add a time to them walking to the spot,

The bolded part is where the time would go. The 4 represents the seconds, and you can change it to any number you’d like.

It works :smiley: tysm!