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So , hi guys … I’m sure that there’s someone who begins in writing stories so if you have any question just ask and I will answer you ASAP


Hi, I’m a beginner writer and I keep getting an error message even though there’s nothing wrong. I’m writing a quiz sorta thing and this is it:


And this is the error message


I think you need to put “space” between CHARACTER NAME and (animation). Example.
LAUREN (talk_neutral) instead or LAUREN(talk_neutral)


It worked! Thank you so much!


Oof, sorry to bother anyone, but I have another problem…


So, I think you’d need to add a } at the end of the premium choice and add some dialogue before the “Yes that sounds awesome” choice.


Thank you!


No worries - let me know if it worked :heart:


Hmm… I don’t think it did because it still says UNEXPECTED PARAMETER: PREMIUM


Ah, okay as the premium seems like a choice you may need to add the title choice

Perhaps add the congratulations! part of the the dialogue as a narrator before the said choice?


Ok, I’ll try that, thanks!


Hopefully we can get there!


I fixed the premium choice, but now it says unexpected string??? I’m really confused…


hey there sorry to bodher but i am very very new to this and i need help writing the script i read
the “i need help” from the episode but i still want some help with how to properly write the script if any of you have some advices that will be great thank you very mach


you need a bracket to close the choice after goto mage_tyes
also, the choice needs to be followed by the word choice add it on line 3213, then a closing bracket then add a dialouge to the second choice and close it with two brackets


Hi there, It is my first time writing a story and I am pretty confused. How do you command a character to fall when running/entering a scene? As well as following a character to certain spots example from left to right?


to enter and fall use:
@CHARACTER enters from left/right to screen center AND CHARACTER does it while run_athletic AND CHARACTER is run_fall

(note:these are INK animations)

for following, do you mean following to the different zone?


yes to different zones. I am currently using Limelight :grin: