Have a question on my story

In my upcoming story title “The Phoenix Girl”
The plot is basic off like a gang / mafia arrange marriage thing.

Main Female character name is Artemisa and she is dating another guys at the start of the story.

Main male character name is Xander and he is dating another girl at the start of the story.

The first episode I basic off introduce the main female character and her family but leave the main male character family a sceret for later.

The second episode now is where I want to basic it off on both character dating different person they met on the first chapter so liek background.

But I also want to put in background on the arrange marriage and how that work. But I don’t want the reader to get confuse.

What do I do?
I have Artemisa going on two dates
then Xander going on one
then Artemisa going to the mall to shop
I have Xander father tell him to break up with his gf because they have choice his wife already.
(flashback to this scene, This is a choice as well)
Artemisa friends ask her if he already meet her parents or ask for permission to date her.
(Artemisa going to flashback on how her parents meet . This right here is a choice)
Xander friends invited him to go to an art gallery as well.
(Here the reader choice to see all four gallery or less than that, if they choice less than then they will find out his gf is cheating sooner than later) (If they choice to see the full gallery they will have to wait until the enxt day to find out his gf is cheating on him.)
then Artemisa friends inviting her to the art gallery.
Then Artemisa and Xander both end up at a library the same day. (A week after findout their gf/bf was cheating on them.)
Then they both end up at the club dance with they friend. (Not together) (They don’t know that the other is arrange to marry them)

You could do the arranged people in their wedding outfits, but both of them are holding hands with their actual significant other, if that makes sense???

So Xander and Artemisa are frowning in their wedding outfits at an altar while Artemisa is holding her boyfriend’s hand behind her and Xander is holding his girlfriend’s hand behind him.

That can work but I the problem I have is for my second chapter I don’t want the reader to get confuse because I will be show them how Artemisa and Xander were with their gf / bf before they meet each other. But I also have choice in there and flash back of the rules of the gang / mafia world.

like dating them take them out to different places.

But I’m not sure if I should just do it like in separate chapter or in one chapter which one will the reader less liek to be confuse by it.

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