Have Issues Been Fixed?

Has anyone’s issue with the Episode app loosing progress fixed? It recovered all of my progress from the old stories that were in my favorites, but it did not recover the newer stories that I added. I’m still waiting for Episode to respond back to me, and I’m starting to get anxious and impatient.

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I have the same problem! All my older stories popped up even if I remove them or not they come back once I’ve opened the app again. Then all my stories i put in my profile “my favorites” either have reset saying I haven’t started reading them or they went back 10-15 chapters. And someone contacted me after I wrote them all he asked was for my id number but never got back to me. It’s been a couple of days now. It’s so frustrating. also most of my passes have gone away. I had over 350 because I buy unlimited passes and that was also taken away. I hope they can fix this.

Me and you are having the same issues. Every time I open the app, my progress isn’t saved on there. I deleted a lot of my old stories, but it came back when I opened the app again :frowning:

Same here hun! Every time I reopen the app all my progress had been reset or deleted! I wonder what the hell is going on! Mine has been this way for like 5 days so far.