Have own art style?

I’m looking for someone who has their own art style. (for an cover request) I’d love to see examples.

Thanks in advance! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

I’d love to do a cover for you! I’ll send you some examples!

dark Luna%20%26%20Moon%20%233

I could make a cover

Do you have any examples or Instagram?

Yeah I am going to find them

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I can do a cover for you if you want

here's an example

What exactly do you mean by “own” art style?

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Hand drawn/realistic/different from ink-limelight. I’m fine with whatever though. :heart:

Oh! I could help you then! My drawings aren’t really realistic though…



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OMG!! That’s stunning :heart_eyes: so yes! yes! yes! Do you have any Instagram?

Yes, it’s @cecehunter_epi. Also, thank you :blush:

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Awesome, thank you! Are you alright with me messaging you there?

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Yes, of course!

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Can you close this, @Sydney_H ?

Thanks in advance!

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: